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We sell a huge range of Martial Arts clothing including Karate Gi, Judo Gi, BJJ Kimono, Kickboxing Trousers, Muay Thai Shorts, Kickboxing Trousers, Shaolin Robes, Taekwondo Dobok, Tai Chi Uniforms, Aikido Hakama, MMA Shorts and more

Japanese Cut Karate Gi
Not rated
Unless you pay a small fortune getting a custom Gi tailor made in Japan, this Japanese Cut Karate Gi is a great option. Lovely soft canvas and super traditional
Heavyweight Karate Gi
Not rated
Start a revolution against nasty cardboard-esque Karate Gi’s that stand up by themselves. Get one of our amazingly comfortable Heavyweight Karate Gi
Orange Shaolin Robes
Not rated
These Orange Shaolin Robes are the real deal! Bought from the Shaolin Temple area in Henan province, China.
Fighting Films Judo Gi IJF approved - 750
Not rated
Fighting Films Judo Gi IJF Approved Superstar 750 is the strongest lightweight Judo Gi in existence.
Grey Shaolin Robes
Not rated
Want your Kung Fu demo team to look the real deal? Want to be able to train in the clothing of choice for the Shaolin Monks? Buy these Grey Shaolin Robes
Lightweight Karate Gi
Not rated
An excellent Gi, that stands above the rest in this price range. Great for beginners and people searching for a Lightweight Karate Gi.
Martial Arts Belts
Not rated
Martial Arts Belts are widely used in the martial arts world and most Japanese Martial Arts and Korean Martial Arts now use them to show grades and ability
Black Tai Chi Uniform
Not rated
This Black Tai Chi Uniform is comfortable and has been designed with Tai Chi practice in mind. White inside cuffs and collar and cuffed bottom trousers.
Black Kickboxing Trousers Cotton with Red Stripes
Not rated
These Black Kickboxing Trousers Cotton with Red Stripes are for kickboxing and martial arts training in general for unrestricted flexibility and movement
Fighting Films Judo Gi - Black Label
Not rated
Fighting Films Judo Gi Black Label is Jugo Gi designed for Dan grades and fighters going for their black belt. They best Gi you’ll ever buy
Kung Fu Trousers
Not rated
Kung Fu Trousers are made from 100% cotton in Black with cuffed ankles. They are very comfortable and give you all the freedom of movement you’ll need.
Tatami BJJ Gi White Nova
Not rated
A great white Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi, the Tatami Nova BJJ Gi White. A tough, triple stitched Gi with reinforcements everywhere you need
Colour Stripe Belts
Not rated
The introduction of Colour Stripe Belts has made more opportunities for grading and showing ability across the class. Available in five sizes.
Lightweight Judo Gi
Not rated
These Lightweight Judo Gi are a great entry level Judo Gi, but are also used by Ju Jitsu and Aikido practitioners, due to their soft, durable material.
Fighting Films Judo Gi - Red Label
Not rated
Fighting Films Judo Gi Red Label is one of the best beginners Judo gi on the market and at an affordable price.
Traditional Black Hakama
Not rated
Our Traditional Black Hakama are perfect for practitioners of Ju Jitsu, Aikido, Kendo and other Japanese Sword Styles. Made from a mix of Polyester/Rayon 65/35%
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