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Pads & Training Aids

Punch Bags, Makiwara, Kick Shields, Skipping Ropes, Leg Stretchers, Kick Paddles, Focus Pads, Wing Chun Wall Bag, Medicine Balls, Breaking Boards and Bricks.

All the Pads and Training Aids you need for Martial Arts Training

Straw Rope Makiwara
Not rated
Straw Rope Makiwara offers the most traditional type of training for karate practitioners. This in not for the faint hearted, but amazing for hand conditioning
Leg Stretching Machine
Not rated
This Leg Stretching Machine is the ultimate in flexibility, the best way to increase your box splits and side splits, you can also work on you front splits too
Wing Chun Dummy Ip Man
Not rated
Based on the Original Koo Sang Dummy design, used by Ip Man himself. This Wing Chun Wooden Dummy is the best you’ll ever see on the market
Kung Fu Iron Rings
Not rated
Kung Fu Iron Rings have the air of super traditional Chinese Martial Arts. They originated in the Shaolin Temple and are used in Hung Kuen or Hung Gar Kung Fu
Foam covered Rebreakable Boards
Not rated
Foam covered Rebreakable Boards are a plastic board with a padded foam covering for some hand protection. Can be broken over and over and put back together
Heavy Weight Skipping Rope
Not rated
The Heavy Weight Skipping rope available is for people looking for a harder workout with their skipping rope and improve the cardio and muscle tone
Martial Arts Rebreakable Bricks
Not rated
Martial Arts Rebreakable Bricks are a hard plastic brick shape that can be broken with a palm, fist, elbow or foot and put back together over and over again
Leather Makiwara Board
Not rated
Leather Makiwara Board is a traditional Okinawan training tool now used throughout the karate styles. Perfect tool for practicing strikes and conditioning
Maize Bag heavyweight
Not rated
This heavyweight Boxing Maize Bag is great for training lateral body movement boxing techniques, as well as timings, defensive techniques and punching drills
Eagle Catcher
Not rated
The Eagle Catcher Grip strength trainer is a great way to build up forearm strength, grip strength and finger strength, to improve your martial arts
Plastic Rebreakable Boards
Not rated
Plastic Breaking Boards are the original rebreakable boards used for practicing and perfecting your breaking techniques, whether it be striking or kicking.
Double Kick Paddle
Not rated
The Double Kick Paddle gives you the ability to work on your Kicking techniques, improve balance, dynamic flexibility, accuracy and makes a nice slapping sound
Pro Box 4ft Punch Bag
Not rated
A 32 kg Heavy Boxing Punch Bag for people wanting a bit more resistance from their punch bag training. This 4ft Punch is a great choice
Curved Kick Shield
Not rated
Curved Kick Shield are a great for training all kicks and are a commonly seen training item in many dojo’s and training halls across the martial arts world
3 section Canvas Wall Bag
Not rated
Canvas Wall Bag 3 section are the perfect training aid for Wing Chun and anyone looking for hand conditioning and working on their striking and punching drills
Leg Stretcher
Not rated
This Martial Arts Leg Stretcher is designed to increase your splits and flexibility without the need of a training partner and without straining your knees
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