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A wide selection of Rebreakable Boards and Rebreakable Bricks from beginner and entry level up to advanced. We also do the foam padded Breaking boards to help look after your hands and feet.

Plastic Rebreakable Boards
Not rated
Plastic Breaking Boards are the original rebreakable boards used for practicing and perfecting your breaking techniques, whether it be striking or kicking.
Foam covered Rebreakable Boards
Not rated
Foam covered Rebreakable Boards are a plastic board with a padded foam covering for some hand protection. Can be broken over and over and put back together
Martial Arts Rebreakable Bricks
Not rated
Martial Arts Rebreakable Bricks are a hard plastic brick shape that can be broken with a palm, fist, elbow or foot and put back together over and over again
Wooden Breaking Board 9mm
Not rated
Squares of Paulownia wood 29cm x 21cm and 9mm thick for you to kick or punch your way through, testing your power and technique or great for tournaments and doing club demonstrations.