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Makiwara have been used for centuries for hand conditioning but also conditioning other areas of the body inducing elbows and feet.

The style most associated with Makiwara would Karate but Wing Chun woudl gretaly benefit from these too.

Straw Rope Makiwara
Not rated
Straw Rope Makiwara offers the most traditional type of training for karate practitioners. This in not for the faint hearted, but amazing for hand conditioning
Leather Makiwara Board
Not rated
Leather Makiwara Board is a traditional Okinawan training tool now used throughout the karate styles. Perfect tool for practicing strikes and conditioning
Canvas Makiwara Board Large
Not rated
Canvas Makiwara Board offers slightly different experience that the ‘sprung’ makiwara, and would be for someone wanting to improve hand conditioning
Canvas Makiwara Board Small
Not rated
Canvas Makiwara Board is a canvas covered foam pad that offers a slight spring traditional to all Makiwara. Ideal for karate and general hand conditioning