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Punching Equipment

A small selection of Focus Pads and Wing Chun Wall Bags for your punching drills in your martial arts class

For martial arts including Boxing, Karate, MMA, Wing Chun and Kickboxing

3 section Canvas Wall Bag
Not rated
Canvas Wall Bag 3 section are the perfect training aid for Wing Chun and anyone looking for hand conditioning and working on their striking and punching drills
Speedball Swivel
Not rated
An essential item for complete Boxing training for home or gym. This Speedball Swivel has a super smooth action and moves in all directions easily
Round Shield
Not rated
The Martial Arts Round Shield is a thick lightweight vinyl striking pad which can take all strikes in martial arts training. Simple strap for quick changing
Wing Chun Canvas Wall bag
Not rated
This Wing Chun Canvas Wall Bag is great for targeting your punches and being more precise. You can also develop your hand conditioning and power in your punches
Boxing Focus Paddles (Pair)
Not rated
This pair of Boxing Focus Paddles are perfect for developing your punching speed and precision. Made from vinyl and has a handy wrist loop
Sandee Focus Pads
Not rated
The Sandee Focus Pads are the ultimate Muay Thai Focus Mitt. Made from premium leather they are built to withstand the toughest punishment in Bangkok's Top gyms
Curved Focus Pads
Not rated
The Curved Focus Pads are made from genuine leather and a fantastic focus mitt. Made from a high density shock absorbing foam and provide great training
Vinyl Focus Pads
Not rated
The Vinyl Focus Pads are a lightweight spot pad, perfect for children and adults alike. A tough pad that the whole family can train with together