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Stretching & Exercising

A small selection of Martial Arts Stretching and Exercising equipment specific for martial arts training including Kung Fu Iron Rings, Stretching equipment and Grip Strength

Including one of the bets Leg Stretching Machines on the market

Eagle Catcher
Not rated
The Eagle Catcher Grip strength trainer is a great way to build up forearm strength, grip strength and finger strength, to improve your martial arts
Leg Stretching Machine
Not rated
This Leg Stretching Machine is the ultimate in flexibility, the best way to increase your box splits and side splits, you can also work on you front splits too
Kung Fu Iron Rings
Not rated
Kung Fu Iron Rings have the air of super traditional Chinese Martial Arts. They originated in the Shaolin Temple and are used in Hung Kuen or Hung Gar Kung Fu
Chi Sau Rings
Not rated
These Wing Chun Chi Sau Rattan Rings help you work on your arm conditioning as well as your hand positioning within you Wing Chun Kung Fu Drills and Forms
Leather Medicine Ball
Not rated
Leather Medicine Balls are now popular in gyms across the country, these are the original traditional style of medicine ball for core stability and strength
Wing Chun Dummy Ip Man
Not rated
Based on the Original Koo Sang Dummy design, used by Ip Man himself. This Wing Chun Wooden Dummy is the best you’ll ever see on the market
Wire Skipping Rope
Not rated
This Wire Skipping Rope produces a consistent rhythm when jumping for prolonged workouts and training sessions. Super fast and smooth, and mega durable
Leg Stretcher
Not rated
This Martial Arts Leg Stretcher is designed to increase your splits and flexibility without the need of a training partner and without straining your knees
Heavy Weight Skipping Rope
Not rated
The Heavy Weight Skipping rope available is for people looking for a harder workout with their skipping rope and improve the cardio and muscle tone
10 lb Ankle Weights
Not rated
These 10 lb Ankle Weights are a great way to improve your fitness, cardio and strength. For martial arts they help improve your kicking and punching technique
Grip Strength Trainer
Not rated
The Hand Grip Strength Trainer is a great way to build up forearm strength and grip strength to improve your Judo, Wrestling, BJJ and General Martial Arts
Speed Skipping Rope
Not rated
This Speed Skipping Rope produces a consistent rhythm when jumping for prolonged workouts and training sessions. Lightweight and fast works your heart and lungs
Leather Skipping Rope
Not rated
Leather Skipping Rope is a tough durable jumping rope, that won’t twist or go brittle over time. Perfect for a club rope or for tough workouts