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Protective Equipment

Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves Metallic Purple
Not rated
Cleto Reyes are the most famous boxing brand in the world, producing the best gloves you can buy. Sleek and contoured sparring gloves for the professional boxer
WTF Approved Taekwondo Head Guard
Not rated
WTF approved Taekwondo Head Guard from Tusah for sparring in class or Taekwondo Competition fighting. Approved for all WTF competition
Full Face Headguard
Not rated
The Black Full Face Boxing Head Guard has a removable plastic face mask. It offers excellent head and face protection especially to your eyes and nose areas
Leather Kenpo Gloves
Not rated
Leather Kenpo Gloves have many names such as Bang Sau Gloves, Bruce Lee Gloves and Kempo Gloves and were made famous by Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon
Powrgard Junior Gum Shield
Not rated
The Powrgard Junior Gum Shield offers genuine protection for children's teeth, ages between 5 and 8 years old for Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing & Martial Arts
Sandee Boxing Gloves Cool Tec Blue & Yellow
Not rated
100% hand crafted in Thailand these Leather Sandee Boxing Gloves are the Unbreakable series Cool Tec design which allow you hands to breath during training
WTF Taekwondo Chest Protector
Not rated
This WTF Taekwondo Chest Protector is WTF approved so suitable for all WTF competitions and sparring and is fully reversible and made from shock absorbing foam
Gum Shield Mouth Guard Adult
Not rated
Adult Gum Shields to protect you teeth during light and semi contact sparring, senior mouth guards for Karate, Kickboxing, Taekwondo and Martial Arts training
Sandee Belly Pad
Not rated
This Sandee Belly Pad is the ultimate for belly protection for Muay Thai Boxing. Made from Premium Leather and reinforced to withstand the toughest training
WTF Approved Taekwondo Shin Guards
Not rated
Tusah WTF Approved Taekwondo Shin Guards for sparring and all WTF approved Taekwondo Competitions for maximum shin protection
Wrestling Ear Guards
Not rated
Wrestling Ear Guards help prevent cauliflower ears, getting worse and allowing time heal, they are the ultimate ear protection. Used in BJJ, Grappling and NoGi
Martial Arts Sports Bra with Cups
Not rated
This Martial Arts Sports Bra with Cups offers your chest maximum protection during sparring in class and fighting in competitions and has removable inserts
Sandee Shin Guards Authentic Black
Not rated
The Sandee Shin Guards in Black are some of the best Thai Boxing shin Pads around and are 100% hand crafted in Thailand. The authentic series for Shin protection
Elasticated Shin and Instep Pads
Not rated
White Elasticated Shin and instep Pads guard your shin and instep and help avoid knocks and bruises for styles like Karate, Self defence, Kung Fu and Kickboxing
Sandee Boxing Gloves Authentic PU
Not rated
100% hand crafted in Thailand these Sandee Boxing Gloves are the Authentic style which give an amazing fit and excellent protection. Sizes in 4oz, 6oz, and 8oz
Elasticated Groin Guard
Not rated
Protect your groin with this elastic groin guard with removable plastic cup, for sparring and training alike and requirement in most martial arts competitions
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