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Protective Equipment

Top Ten Head Guard Red
Not rated
Top Ten produce one of the best semi contact sparring Head Guard in the world and are used by virtually all World Champions, approved by WAKO, ITF, WKC and WKA
Elasticated Shin Pads
Not rated
White Elasticated Shin Pads for general shin protection to avoid uncomfortable bumps and bruises, styles such as Karate, Krav Maga, kickboxing and self defence.
Top Ten Sparring Gloves Red
Not rated
Top Ten produce some of the best semi contact sparring gloves in the world and are used by virtually all World Champions, approved by WAKO, ITF, WKC and WKA
Adidas Hand Wraps 255cm
Not rated
Adidas Hand Wraps are an essential piece of kit for Boxers, Kickboxers, Thai boxers and anyone training on a punch bag to support and protect your hands
Gum Shield Mouth Guard Child
Not rated
Child Gum Shield to protect your child’s teeth during sparring practice in their martial arts class. It’s an important and a super affordable piece of kit
Pro Box Red Leather Boxing Gloves
Not rated
Pro Box Black Leather Boxing Gloves are what you’d expect to pay for a decent vinyl pair, you get all that but durable leather too
WT Approved Taekwondo Foot Protection
Not rated
Tusah WTF Approved Taekwondo Foot Protection for Sparring in your club and WTF TKD competition fighting . With additional ankle strap for support and stability
Sandee Boxing Gloves Authentic PU
Not rated
100% hand crafted in Thailand these Sandee Boxing Gloves are the Authentic style which give an amazing fit and excellent protection. Sizes in 4oz, 6oz, and 8oz
Cleto Reyes Headguard Blue
Not rated
This Blue Cleto Reyes Headguard with cheek protection is made from the highest quality leather and has a contoured design, available in 3 sizes. Made in Mexico
Kickboxing Sparring Headguard Red
Not rated
Red Kickboxing Sparring Head Guard offers lightweight, well ventilated protection for you head when sparring in you martial arts class. Made from Dipped Foam
Blue Karate Gloves
Not rated
Blue Karate Gloves for open and closed handed strikes during sparring practice in your club or competition fighting. Used by all styles of Karate practitioners
Gold Teeth Gum Shield
Not rated
The Gold Teeth Gum Shield is far from Gimmicky. Its packed full of technology to keep your teeth protected while looking amazing and unique at the same time
Adidas Hybrid Boxing Gloves - Black
Not rated
These Black Adidas Hybrid Boxing Gloves are a great entry level glove and a perfect training in Boxing, Kickboxing and general bag work and pad work drills.
Martial Arts Sports Bra with Cups
Not rated
This Martial Arts Sports Bra with Cups offers your chest maximum protection during sparring in class and fighting in competitions and has removable inserts
Kickboxing Sparring Boots Black
Not rated
Dipped Foam Semi Contact Sparring Boots for Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Taekwondo and other styles of Martial Arts for sparring practice in your club and competitions
Gel Hand Wraps
Not rated
Gel Hand Wraps offer wrist support with a 300cm stretchable wrap. The gel gives great shock absorption for you hands when training, striking and punching
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