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Protective Equipment

Bag Gloves
Not rated
Punch Bag Gloves offer protection for you hands when doing pad work with a partner or punch bag training on your own. Look after your hands and training longer
Sandee Boxing Gloves Cool Tec Red & White
Not rated
100% hand crafted in Thailand these Leather Sandee Boxing Gloves are the Cool Tec design and allow you hands to breath during training 10oz, 120z, 14oz and 16oz
Martial Arts XXL Holdall Bag
Not rated
This Martial Arts XXL Holdall Bag is for lugging around all Martial Arts kit and sparring equipment to and from your martial arts class and competitions
Sandee Thai Ankle Supports Blue
Not rated
Authentic professional Sandee Anklet Supports are a must have for every Thai Boxer in the country for support and comfort, used in Muay Thai Boxing and MMA
No Stink Glove Deodoriser
Not rated
Remove the moisture and bacteria from your sparring gloevs an extend the life of your gloves, with these No Stink Glove Deodouriser, in two small yellow pouches
Pro Box MMA Shin Guards
Not rated
These MMA Shin Guards offer maximum protection for a fraction of the price of many other more well known brands of Shin Pads. For MMA, Thai Boxing and Krav Maga.
Sandee Shin Guard Cool Tec Blue
Not rated
Sandee Shin Guards in Blue & Yellow are some of the best Thai Boxing Shin Pads around. 100% hand crafted in Thailand, the Cool Tec series for Shin protection
Chest Guard
Not rated
This Chest guard is perfect for body protection during sparring for styles like Karate, kickboxing, Taekwondo and martial arts in general and fully reversible
WT approved Female Groin Guard
Not rated
WTF approved Female Groin Guards are a requirement in most competitions these days, whether it's Kickboxing, Taekwondo or Karate. Made from PU with an elastic waistband
Wrestling Ear Guards
Not rated
Wrestling Ear Guards help prevent cauliflower ears, getting worse and allowing time heal, they are the ultimate ear protection. Used in BJJ, Grappling and NoGi
Top Ten Sparring Boots Black
Not rated
Top Ten produce some of the best semi contact sparring boots in the world and are used by virtually all World Champions, approved by WAKO, ITF, WKC and WKA
Kickboxing Sparring Boots Red
Not rated
Dipped Foam Semi Contact Sparring Boots for Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Taekwondo and other styles of Martial Arts for sparring practice in your club and competitions
Sandee Shin Guards Authentic Red
Not rated
The Sandee Shin Guards in Red are some of the best Thai Boxing shin Pads around and are 100% hand crafted in Thailand. The authentic series for Shin protection
Sandee Hand Wraps
Not rated
Our longest Hand Wrap at Enso Martial Arts. These Sandee Hand Wraps are 5m long and perfect for Thai boxing and people with big hands or want more protection
Boxing Inner Gloves
Not rated
Boxing inner gloves have several purposes, one, they protect your hands when sparring and two, to keep them clean by keeping the sweat away from the gloves.
Kickboxing Sparring Gloves Black
Not rated
Dipped Foam sparring gloves for kickboxing, kung fu, taekwondo, tang too do and other styles of martial arts for sparring practice in your club and competitions
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