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Black Shirasaya Katana

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Product description

  • Sleek Black Lacquered Saya
  • Great as a samurai sword used for tameshigiri or cutting practice
  • Made from high carbon carbon steel
  • Full tang and pegged
  • Discreet Samurai Sword design


Black Shirasaya Katana Description

The Shirasaya is a style of Samurai sword where the case is a wooden scabbard and handle with very little design features. This design came from a period in Japanese history where there were laws restricting the carrying of weapons in public. The Shirasaya style scabbard and handle meant the while the sword wasn't being using it would be in a tighter fit casing which would stop moisture getting in and damaging the blade. In short, the Shirasaya protects the blade.

Only when the blade was to be used for trained with was it put in the standard and more known scabbard and fittings. The Shirasaya style is not to be confused with a concealed case like a walking stick or bamboo as this hidden weapon is a different style again. People these days really like the Shirasaya design and it has remained as a option when buying Samurai Swords.

This Black Shirasaya Katana is a sharpened, hand forged, high carbon steel hand forged blade with a full tang that is pegged. Perfectly good for test cutting and sword training. It's is also very subtly pretty with it sleek black lacquered saya and handle.


Advice from the shop on the Black Shirasaya Katana

“This katana is a serious piece of kit and will need maintaining like any good katana. Make sure you have a method of cleaning it regularly, we definitely recommend getting a cleaning kit”

Doug Swift – Owner of Enso Martial Arts Shop


Sizing of the Black Shirasaya Katana

- Total Length inc. Saya = 40"

- Blade Length = 28.5"

- Handle Length =  10.5"

If you have any further questions on this, please contact us at our shop to discuss your best choice, call (0117) 9425832 or email


Law and Legality on the Black Shirasaya Katana

In April 2008, the UK government introduced a Sword Ban, this covered all curved blades longer than 50cm. As part of this outright ban, there were still some exceptions. Martial artists could still buy them, any sword made in Japan before 1953 and any sword made in Japan using traditional methods. Let’s digress slightly as it’ll be useful in a minute. Swords made using traditional methods means being either folded steel or forged steel.


Then a few months later in August 2008, the government revised this ban and decided to take Japan out of the law. Therefore, any martial arts practitioner can buy a Katana or Samurai Swords, as a shop we are also able to sell the swords as long as they are made with traditional methods. All of the Japanese swords at Enso are either forged or folded. One item that can be an issue is the Iaito as many are made with stainless steel.


What the ban has done is clear the market of ‘Junk’. Ornamental poor quality swords that could never be used for training or practice anyway, personally I think this a good thing and get the swords that were ‘on the street’ off and leaves us martial arts practitioner alone and let us get on with our training. Good news all round.


Shipping your Black Shirasaya Katana

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