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Nindo Ryu Gendai Ninjutsu the Modern Art of Perserverance

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This 80+ page handbook outlines the principles of individual combat that comprise Nindo Ryu Gendai Ninjutsu. Our introduction to the history of Japanese ninjutsu touches on answers to questions like, "Does ninjutsu only consist of stealth and espionage tactics?", "What is different about ninjutsu compared to formal samurai tactics?", "Does history tell us the specific techniques the ninja used in self-defense?" and more. A description of each Nindo Ryu combat element (Zanshin, Kyuko, Ma-ai, Taisabaki, Jujutsu, Kuzushi, Sanshin, Gogyo, and Mushin) is explained in plain English. The photos of techinques (more than 350) provide a clear introduction to the myriad applications of those principles. The result is a concise introduction to the Nindo Ryu perspective on proper application of fighting principles and methods in today's society.

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