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The Women's Guide to Self Defense by Ed Parker

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Witnessing the dramatic escalation in violent crimes such as, muggings and sex crimes in the late 60’s, Ed Parker Sr., the father of four daughters, felt a need for a realistic method of defense for the cornered woman—the woman who has no means of escape or foreknowledge of an attack. In 1968, he wrote a book specifically for women entitled, complete, with uncluttered black and white line drawings by Jim McQuade for ease of comprehension, women everywhere would be able to follow this step-by step practical guide. Natural weapons and proper blocks were incorporated directly into self-defense techniques and presented as interchangeable methods. All of the techniques, specifically designed by Ed, were tailored appropriately so that a woman could apply many of them without using a great deal of force. In this straightforward, to the point, printed work, Ed introduced the use of personal and/or household articles as weapons, such as, an umbrella, a broom, a lipstick or a comb. Still after 45 years these techniques prove to be a real aid to instructors giving practical, no nonsense self-defense courses to youth and women’s groups throughout the world.

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