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  • Overview
  • Sageo is for tying around the Katana Saya or scabbard, either a replacement or to change the colour and look of your Katana.

Product details

  • Wide selection of colours
  • Available in three sizes
  • in 180cm, 220cm and 242cm
  • For tying to your katanas Saya
  • For display or function when training

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Katana Sageo Cord Black and Gold Description

Katana Sageo Cord is the cord that is tied around the Katana Saya or scabbard. Traditionally these would have been made from silk, cotton or leather, but most these days are made from polyester. Tying them on the Katana, the Katana Sageo Cord is threaded through the hole in the kurigata on the Katana's saya. There are loads of different ways to tie these depending on how you want it to look and function. The two main outcomes is how you want it to look when displayed and not being used and how you want it to function when tying it to your Obi when practicing your chosen sword style. There are other uses though, one of them is use in Hojojutsu which is a martial art based on using a rope as a weapon, for tying and locking an opponent.


The samurai felt the sageo formed a spiritual bond between them and the sword, and they were very particular about tying it correctly when the sword was not in use. These Katana Sageo Cord from Enso Martial Arts Shop have a slight grip to themselves which means they hold there position very well. So the fine work you do when tying it onto you Saya stays like that. As we said before it can be a whole art form tying these on so you want it to stay that way to show off your good work.


Available in two sizes but we are looking to do a longer length of 8 Shaku in the future, watch this space. At the moment we do the standard length of 180cm or 6 shaku, suitable for almost everyone, or for those looking for a longer length for more detailed tying we do 220cm or 7.2 shaku. We also have a whole range of colours, hand picked by Enso Martial Arts Shop. We think we have one of the best selections of colours out there.


Advice from the shop on your Katana Sageo Cord Black and Gold

“The whole look of a Katana can change with different Sageo cord, change them up and have a fresh looking Katana”

Doug Swift – Owner of Enso Martial Arts Shop


Sizes of the Katana Sageo Cord Black and Gold

At Enso Martial Arts Shop we currently have two lengths of Katana Sageo Cord, the two sizes available are:

- 180cm / 6 Shaku

- 220cm / 7.2 Shaku


Colours of the Katana Sageo Cord Black and Gold

At Enso Martial Arts Shop have a wide selection of different colours of Katana Sageo Cord, we think one of the best selections in the UK. Included in this is:

- Red

- Blue

- Light Brown

- Dark Brown

- Lime Green

- Dark Green

- Purple

- Crimson

- Gold

- White

- Black

- Black and Gold


Shipping your Katana Sageo Cord Black & Gold

We have a few different options for posting your items at Enso Martial Arts Shop. Prices vary depending on the overall order, weight, size etc. The checkout page will automatically workout the possible options for you. 

We can send your item(s) in the following ways:

Courier Tracked and Insured - Order before 1pm, we can pack and post the same day to be with you the next working day, this is not a weekend service. It is fully tracked and we will send you the tracking number when we process your order.

Evri - In our experience an extremely slow service, we cannot guarantee it will arrive. It isn’t insured or tracked. If you want this pitiful service and your parcel thrown into a random hedge near your house, if you're lucky, just to save about £2 the go for us. Good luck

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* Europe: 2-3 working days

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