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Everybody is Welcome:

Here at Enso we always want our customers to feel welcome and part of a close Martial Arts community, we are on social media (check out the links at the top left of the page). We all train in some form of martial art and we are always happy to help and discuss anything related to styles or products, we don't punch, kick or bite (unless Sifu or Sensei tells us to in class).

If you are local to the store (Bristol UK) please feel free to come in, have a look around and have a chat with us, even if you have never done martial arts come in and see what it is all about. We can even help you find a local club if you fancy giving something a try, it's never too late.


Having trouble finding something:

If you cannot find the item/s you are looking for on our website or the item has not been in stock for some time, please use the Contact Form on the right of this page, we would be happy to find better information for you and give time scales where possible.


Happy with our service or products:

If you are happy with your products please give them a review, Google or Facebook reviews would be most welcome. We are a small Independent business with only a couple of members of staff so its good to hear from you and know what we are getting right!

We also love a bit of competition, so proof in black and white, with stars, we like stars, to rub in our collegues face is always a bonus to our day!


Have a complaint or problem with us or one of our items:

If you for any reason are disasstified with your products or customer experience please get in touch and give us a chance to rectify what ever has gone wrong, before splurging your rage across the internet. We are not always perfect but should we make an error, we will do all in our power to get things right (even if it means a swift side kick to one of our collegues if they have upset you). We welcome all feedback to ensure we are giving the customers what they need and in the best way possible.

Email: [email protected]

Call: (0117) 942 5832

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