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  • Overview
  • Cold Steel Koga SD1 is the ultimate Self Defence Submission Weapon. Made by Cold Steel by default makes it a tough, dependable training weapon

Product details

  • Made from virtually unbreakable plastic
  • Designed by American martial artists Bob Koga
  • Bridges the gap between fist and baton
  • Perfect for joint locking and submission holds
  • Perfect self defence training weapon


Watch our video on the Self Defence Koga


Cold Steel Koga SD1 Submission Weapon Description

Made from a virtually indestructible plastic, the Cold Steel Koga SD1 Submission Weapon, if used correctly can massively help person defend themselves if needs be. Therefore it makes a great training weapon in self defence classes. Used for Joint locking and submission holds the Cold Steel Koga SD1 Submission Weapon really comes into it own when applied with strikes.  


The aim is to have the strength that a fist doesn’t but not too powerful as a baton or stick. The design massively reduces the likelihood of permanent injury or death unlike the modern police batons. Made with an overall length of 7.5 inches and weighing just over 4 oz.. It’s a pocket size self defence training weapon you’ll love.  


Designed by American Bob Koga, who has a wealth of Martial Arts experience and trained in martial arts most of his life did a stint with LAPD for 25 years. He became known as a expert with the self defence weapons the police use.


Advice from the shop on your Cold Steel Koga SD1 Submission Weapon 

“Now that you have purchased your amazing self defence training weapon it doesn’t make you indestructible, you can’t go around mouthing off on the streets thinking you’ll take anyone on. This is a training weapon for training with, with a certified qualified martial arts instructor. Stay safe and enjoy it!”

Doug Swift - Owner of Enso Martial Arts Bristol 


Sizing of your of Cold Steel Koga SD1 Submission Weapon

This weapon is 7.5 inches long, if you have any questions about the Cold Steel Koga SD1 Submission Weapon you want to buy feel free to contact us at our shop to discuss it, call (0117) 9425832 or email [email protected]


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5 stars based on 1 reviews

23 Nov 2022
James Fiddes
The Koga fits well when gripped in the hand. It’s made out of tough unbreakable plastic. It can be used to strike with its tips against all the vulnerable fleshy areas of the human body, like the shoulder, arm, and neck.
Well worth the cost for the extra confidence gained when going about at night or in places where a mugging might take place and being able to put off an attacker using this handy self defence tool.

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