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  • Overview
  • Namman Muay Thai Liniment Oil is used my Thai Boxers for pre and post training and fighting. Rubbed into muscles it helps warm them up and aids recovery


Volume 120
In Box? No
Heating or Cooling? Heating
Where is it made? Thailand
Bottle Material Glass
Skin Only? Yes

Product details

  • Namman Muay Thai Liniment Oil for Thai Boxers
  • Used for Pre and Post training
  • Rubbed into muscles to warm them upbr>
  • Aids with post workout recovery
  • The Muay Thai liniment used by top Thai Boxers

Muay Thai Liniment Description

Namman Muay has been specially formulated to be used for pre-sport warm up, to prevent muscle straining, spraining or injury during sport and for use as an after-sport or injury home care treatment. The oil helps you stay consistent in training or intense activity by assisting with the reduction of nagging aches or pains. This Muay Thai Liniment Oil is good for blood circulation, fast recovery and temporary relief of any aches or pains from overworked muscles that athletes can get from contact sports or intense activities.


Made famous by the Muay Thai boxing, and endorsed by the superstar likes of Buakaw, it’s immediately recognized by its distinctive yellow colour and heavy odour of eucalyptus and menthol. This massage oil is ideal for warming up muscles before training and fighting and it helps with muscle regeneration after training too. It's liquid base allows for a longer massage and it is very effective as a prevention of muscular injuries.


No other oil-based medicine, or analgesic cream on the market, activates your muscles for performance, or rejuvenates them post event, quite like this Muay Thai Liniment. Getting Muay Thai liniment rubbed in by your corner is a standard part of the pre-fight ritual in competitive Muay Thai boxing. The oil is not intended only for active athletes but for all those who need to warm up muscles and prepare them for exertion.

Advice from the shop on Muay Thai Liniment

“Muay Thai Liniment stinks!!!! Make sure you use it in ventilated areas. Your clothes will stink too but your muscles will love it.” Doug Swift, Owner of Enso Martial Arts


Ingredients of the Muay Thai Liniment

Muay Thai Liniment ingredients is:

  • Menthol (1g)
  • Methyl Salicylate (31ml)
  • Alcohol_95% (12,04ml)
  • Water (10,19ml)
  • Light yellow colour (5mg)
  • Deep yellow colour (3,37mg)
  • Polysorbate_80 (0,02ml)
  • Eucalyptus oil (5ml)
  • Liquid Paraffin


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Disclaimer regarding  your Muay Thai Liniment

All medicines and Lotions Enso sells are traditional medicine, that original recipes date back hundreds of years.  This dos not replace advice given by doctors or professionals, but advising from an Asian perspective as an additional source of treatment.


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