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  • Overview
  • Suburi Bokken Sword are designed for solo practice to build up the strength you need to developed for Kenjitsu, Kendo, Aikido and other Japanese Sword styles


Length 116cm
Blade Length 81cm
Handle Length 35cm
Tsuba Width N/A
Handle Width 2.8cm
Material Wood
Colour Red

Product details

  • Suburi Bokken Sword for solo practice and forms work
  • Longer in length than the standard bokken and katana
  • Is 41.5 inches in length or 105cm
  • Fits our plastic saya
  • No tsubu supplied and won’t fit our plastic saya


Watch this video on our Suburi Bokken


Suburi Bokken Sword Description

This suburi bokken sword is quite a bit heavier than the standard size bokken. This is to help you build up your strength and technique to help you with your sword work development.  Initially, the bokken may not feel that much heavier but because of the extra leverage you get from it’s length your soon notice your arms buring from the practice. Made from Red Oak, this Suburi Bokken sword is tough but shouldn’t need to be as you’ll never need to connect it to anything. It's purely for solo practice of drills and technique. One of these should last you a lifetime. 


This is a perfect piece of training equipment for anyone who practices with a bokken. Styles like Aikido, Ninjutsu, Kendo, Iaido and many more. The bokken is about 50% heavier than most standard bokken which doesn't sound like much, but the extra weight and leverage on the end of the Bokken really gives you arms a serious workout and helps with building up precison of your cuts.


You will not be able to fit this in a saya or scabbard as it is not intended for drawing practice. Neither will it be supplied with a tsuba as it isn’t used for partner work.


Advice from the shop on Suburi Bokken Sword

“No advice of these really, if you think you need to buy one, then you should know all there is to know about them. Try 100 practice cuts each morning on each arm. That’ll get the muscles working.”

Doug Swift – Enso Martial Arts Shop


Dimension  of Suburi Bokken Sword

Here are the dimensions of you Suburi Bokken:

- Length = 116cm / 46"

- Handle Length = 35cm / 14"

- Blade Length = 80cm / 31.5"

- Blade width = 4.5cm / 2"

- Weight = 890g

Most Bokken at Enso Martial Arts are 41.5 / 42 inches which is the standard katana length, these however, are longer to give that extra leverage to make you work. If you’re not sure on what is best for you, please contact us at our shop to discuss your best choice, call (0117) 9425832 or email [email protected]


Watch our video on our Bokken Selection


Watch this video including our Suburi Bokken


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5 stars based on 2 reviews

29 Jun 2023
I bought an excellent suburito. Fast shipping and good quality. Only complaint is that the finish is a bit slippery, but that should help me work on my grip.
04 Jan 2023
Good quality and rapid delivery service

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