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Products tagged with foam nunchucks

Foam Nunchaku with Chain
Not rated
Avoid all those annoying headaches and sore elbows by getting yourself a pair of Foam Nunchaku with Chain, an essential addition for anyone practicing Nunchaku
Red Foam Nunchaku
Not rated
Red Foam Nunchaku are perfect for small kids wanting to get started with Nunchaku practice. You avoid the bumps and bruises with the great foam padded Nunchaku
Black Foam Nunchaku with Cord
Not rated
Looking for an occupier for your child, these nunchaku with cord are perfect. They can practice all day without injury. Watch out for flower vases though.
Blue Foam Nunchaku with Cord
Not rated
Blue foam nunchaku are so super soft you'll child will be hard pushed to get any bumps and bruises at all. They'll absolutely love these nunchaku