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Samurai Swords

Cold Steel Warrior Katana
Not rated
The Cold Steel Warrior Katana is a excellent choice for some starting out with tameshigiri or cutting practice. This tough Samurai Sword won’t let you down
Sword Cleaning Kit
Not rated
This Sword Cleaning Kit provides everything you need to keep you Katana and Samurai Sword clean, well maintained and in good condition
Cold Steel Emperor Katana
Not rated
The Cold Steel Emperor Katana is one of the toughest, strongest Samurai Swords in the world. It is made using traditional methods and won’t let you down.
Samurai Sword Umbrella
Not rated
The Samurai Sword Umbrella is great fun and works brilliantly as an umbrella. It comes with a bag and shoulder strap for easy carrying and looking like a Ninja
Samurai Sword Oil
Not rated
Samurai Sword Oil has been used for centuries to keep carbon steel blades in top condition and well protection from rust. A necessity for Japanese sword owners