Bamboo Shinai Sword

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  • Overview
  • Bamboo Shinai Sword are usually used for Kendo practice, but many martial arts use them as a tough weapon for practicing defence against sword attacks


Length 38"
Blade Length 32"
Handle Length 13"
Tsuba Width 3.5"
Handle Width 1
Material Suede
Colour Natural

Product details

  • Standard Length of Shinai at 118cm in length
  • Used for Kendo practice and competition
  • Made from for crafted pieces of bamboo
  • Tied with leather strips to hold it together
  • Comes with plastic tsuba for hand protection

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Bamboo Shinai Sword Description

This Bamboo Shinai Sword is a weapon used maninly in Kendo for practicing sparring and used in Kendo competition. They form the main bulk of the Kendo martial art. Being made from bamboo they are super durable and are designed to be hit repeatedly on a metal head guard or hard protective guards. Bamboo is the perfect material for this weapon as even though it is very hard and durable it is also lightweight and relatively cheap as a material. Even thogh Shinai are design to be hit against things, they will eventually succumb to the punishment and bamboo doesn splinter, thereofre it is very import to replace you Bamboo Shinai Sword as soon as splinters start to appear.


Whereas many Chinese Martial arts and Philipino martial arts weapons can be made from Rattan, Shinai are made from it’s better known cousin, Bamboo. Four slats of Bamboo are crafted to fit together and tied together with suede leather strips. It then has extra string tie to hold it some more. With the bamboo Shinai sword comes a plastic tsuba that fits at the top of the grip. This helps protect your hands and fingers against blows from your opponent.


Many other styles of Martial arts use these as a way to practice against sword attacks, the noise they make on impact demonstrate the hit and the relatively less injuries they can cause from a wooden bokken makes them a more attractive option. Be warned though it will still hurt.


Advice from the shop on Bamboo Shinai Sword

“After a while of practice Shinai are known for splintering, this is tightly controlled in Kendo clubs, but in others maybe not so much. Bamboo splinters aren’t fun so keep an eye out on your Shinai for these and you’ll have much more enjoyable training sessions.”

Doug Swift – Owner of Enso Martial Arts Shop


Sizing of Bamboo Shinai Sword

At Enso Martial Arts we now sell two lengths of Bamboo Shinai Sword, the sizes we have available are:


Adult Men's (39) Size

- Total Length = 47" / 120cm

- Handle Length = 13" / 33cm

- Blade Length = 33.5" / 85cm

- Blade Thickness (Thickest) = 0.75" / 2cm

- Blade Thickness (Thinnest) = 1.5" / 4cm

- Tsuba Width = 3" / 8cm


Adult Women's (38) Size

- Total Length = 46" / 117cm

- Handle Length =13" / 33cm

- Blade Length = 32" / 83cm

- Blade Thickness (Thickest) = 0.75" / 2cm

- Blade Thickness (Thinnest) = 1.5" / 4cm

- Tsuba Width = 3" / 8cm


If you’re not sure if this is best for you, please contact us at our shop to discuss your best choice, call (0117) 9425832 or email [email protected]


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