Red Buddhist Mala Beads Bracelet

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  • Overview
  • These Red Buddhist Mala Beads from inside the Shaolin Temple Complex in Henan, China. Used for centuries by monks to count breaths, Sutras and Buddha's name

Product details

  • Buddhist Mala Beads for counting Breaths
  • An aid for meditation
  • Have 108 beads
  • Made from a Red coloured sandalwood
  • Has a Buddhist wheel shaped knot


Watch our video on the Buddhist Mala Beads


Red Buddhist Mala Beads Description

Buddhist Mala Beads have been used for thousands of years by Buddhists, as a way of counting during Meditation. They can be for counting many different things including number of breaths, number of prostrations, mantras recited or even a Buddha’s name. These Buddhist Mala beads have been bought from inside the Shaolin Temple complex in Henan, China. The home of Zen Buddhism.

Designed with 108 round sandalwood beads and are approximately 7.5mm diameter each. They are threaded on an elastic band, plus 3 smaller red partition beads in between, for the total length around 29 inches. There is a traditional knotted tassel attached to the red Buddhist mala beads, attached with two sets of 3 prayer counting beads, a total 6 counting beads.

One hundred and eight beads is not a random number, it is an important number in Buddhism because one must overcome 108 evils to reach enlightenment. Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Beads Mala is also known as the Buddhist Rosary, as a tool for repetition of a mantra during meditation. Prayer beads are used to count mantras, as your fingers pass over one prayer bead for each time you recite the mantra, which allow the mind to focus totally on the mantra, thus to achieve enlightenment easier.


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3 stars based on 2 reviews

20 Sep 2022
Jonathan Edwards
I know there is a review that doubts where they were originally made, and also had concerns about the size of the beads. For me, especially for the price, these weren't issues that bothered me, and I am very happy with my purchase.
06 Apr 2022
Barry Leach
Disappointed with the mala beads. The beads were far too small and too tightly placed which makes it difficult for counting.Also I can't really see these mala's being made in the Shaolin temple.

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