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  • Overview
  • This Shaolin Bamboo Shield has a Tiger’s face painted on it and it looks great. Usually used together with a Broadsword or Kan Dao Sword forms for Shaolin Kung Fu

Product details

  • Can also be used as a decorative piece
  • Two straps on the back for hand holds or forearm holds
  • Usually used with broadsword or Kan Dao
  • Made from a Chinese Bamboo
  • Painted with a Tiger’s face on it


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Shaolin Bamboo Shield Description

The Shaolin Bamboo Shield is mainly seem used in Shaolin Kung Fu demonstration and shows.  However, many styles of Chinese Kung Fu use the Bamboo shields, the other main one being Wushu. However, it has limited use and you rarely see it being used outside of Shaolin Temple Kung Fu. This is the style that has brought it into mainstream martial arts awareness.  This Shaolin Bamboo Shield has a Tigers face painted on it but across Chinese they vary a lot and we have sold ones before that are just plain bamboo, no covering or decoration.


It usually goes together with a Flexible Wushu Broadsword or Kan Dao Sword, both of which we sell at Enso Martial Arts Shop (see suggested product below) Some people buy these purely as a decorative item but it is made with Shaolin in mind. This Shaolin bamboo shield is covered in a thick material and has a Tiger’s face painted on it. It has a thinner red material around the edge of the shield, which flaps when you move the shield. On the back are two loop holes for your hand or forearm, one is solid and the other elasticated so it grips to your forearm. There is also a bit of padding from the bamboo which makes up the main construction of the shield.  


Forms with this can be very dynamic and explosive, with lots of jumping and rolling. Give you can hit your weapon against the shield also help makes a lot fo noise and spectacle for the spectators. Also 2 person or 3 person forms are possible and the options for moves and putting on a good show are almost limitless. One of the rarer Kung Fu training weapon accessories but when you get to it, you ll love it and never want to put it down in training.


Advice from the shop on your Shaolin Bamboo Shield

“It’s made from Bamboo so it pretty tough but don’t test the theory by smashing it with swords. It’s designed for solo forms and the material covering it really won’t take the punishment.”

Doug Swift – Owner of Enso Martial Arts Shop


Sizing of your of Shaolin Bamboo Shield

Here are the dimensions of this Shaolin Bamboo Shield:  

  • Total Diameter = 24”
  • Weight = 1 lb 8 oz


If you have any questions about the Shaolin Bamboo Shield you want to buy feel free to contact us at our shop to discuss it, call (0117) 9425832 or email [email protected]


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