Mitsuhiro Heron in a Loutus Pond Tsuba

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  • Overview
  • This curved rectangle shaped brass tsuba is inspired on  famous Tsuba designer Otsuki Mitsuhiro who commonly used 10th century art as inspiration for his Tsuba.

Product details

  • A Heron in a Lotus Pond Tsuba design
  • Based on a Otsuki Mitsuhiro design
  • A worthy addition to any collection
  • Will fit most Katana
  • Brass and nice and solid

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Mitsuhiro Heron in a Lotus Pond Tsuba Description

Katana Tsuba Guard are predominately round but many different shapes do exist, from Squares to the outline of the design on the Tsuba itself. Katan Tsuba Guard weren’t meant to protect the hand from strikes but more to protect the user from sliding their hand onto the blade when it’s thrusted. Tsuba are not only for Katana but are seen on Wakizashi, Tanto and Naginata. Most Katana Tsuba Guard will be around 7.5cm to 8cm in diameter, and the weights will vary , originally to affect the balance of the sword and the desires of the user but nowadays dependant on the design and therefore the amount of metal in the Katana Tsuba Guard.

From 14th century till 17th century most Katana Tsuba Guard were for functionality only, so quite basic in there look and design. Onwards from there as japan had long periods of peace the Katana Tsuba Guard became more and more ornate and decorative. So much so that they are even known to be made from gold. Nowadays people collect Katana Tsuba Guard due to the massive variety in styles and designs, as well as buying them to change on their Katana altering the look and balance of their Japanese Sword.

All Katana Tsuba Guard sold at Enso Martial Arts Shop are reproductions of original Katana Tsuba Guard. This curved rectangle shaped Brass tsuba is inspired on  famous Tsuba designer Otsuki Mitsuhiro who commonly used 10th century art as inspiration for his Tsuba. This Heron in a Lotus Pond Tsuba Guard is one of those. In Japan the Heron is a symbol of good luck.


Advice from the shop on a Mitsuhiro Heron in a Lotus Pond Tsuba

"All Tsuba are beautiful in my eyes and this one is super simple but very beautiful with a embossed Pond scene.”

Doug Swift - Owner of Enso Martial Arts Shop


Sizing of the Mitsuhiro Heron in a Lotus Pond Tsuba

All Katana Tsuba Guard are similar in size and weight, this Mitsuhiro Heron in a Lotus Pond Tsuba Guard is:


  • Weight = 112g
  • Diameter = 78mm or 3 1/12 inches
  • Thickness =  5.5mm

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