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Dit Da Jow Liniment

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Product description

  • Approved by Chinese herbalists
  • Enso Special Dit Da Jow
  • For helping hand conditioning and body conditioning
  • Comes in a 50ml bottle
  • Steeped for months for extra strength

Watch this video including Dit Da Jow


Dit Da Jow Description

All Dit Da Jow is unique and many martial arts practitioners in China will have their own ‘secret’ recipe. This Dit Da Jow recipe has been refined and perfected over decades sometimes hundreds of years. Earliest account can be traced back o the 3rd century BC. Whatever the ‘secret’ the aim is the same to create a liniment that can be applied to the skin to help, bruising, swelling from Iron Palm training.


This Enso Special Dit Da Jow gives a cooling effect, which is perfect for those hot, itchy swollen hands. Can be applied before and after training, the Dit Da Jow penetrates the skin and starts a healing process that reduces the inflammation. It also helps toughen the skin and condition it. This is why sometimes Di Da Jow can be called ‘hit medicine’.


The Enso Special Dit Da Jow contains almost twice as many ingredients as most Dit Da Jow recipes. It was put together by a collective of Chinese Master herbalists and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners. This gives you a rich, powerful Dit Da Jow that moves your training along that little bit faster. Just for the record, you need to train for the Dit Da Jow to work, it acts a way to speed recovery, slapping on everyday will not make your hands tough.


Advice from the shop on Dit Da Jow

“Dit Da Jow is very cooling for great for swelling and bruising. You only need a little bit each time, enough to cover the area and keep of the clothes.”

Doug Swift, Owner of Enso Martial Arts

Ingredients of the Dit Da Jow

Dit Da Jow ingredients is:

  • Xue Jie or Dragon’s Blood (20%)
  • Dang Gui Angelica Root (9%)
  • Chuan Xiong or Ligusticum (7%)
  • Su Mu or Sappan Wood (7%)
  • Huan Niu Xi or Achyranthes (5%)
  • Liu Ji Nu or Artemesia (5%)
  • Hong Hua or Safflower (5%)
  • Er Cha or Catechu (5%)
  • Tao Ren or Peach Kernel (5%)
  • Ding Xiang or Cloves (5%)
  • Mo Yao or Myrrh (5%)
  • Ban Xia or Pinella (5%)
  • Mu Xiang or Aucklandia (3%)
  • Ru Xiang or Frankincense (3%)
  • Tan Xiang or Sandal Wood (3%)
  • Xiao Hui Xiang or Fennel (3%)

Shipping your Dit Da Jow

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  • All other destinations: 4-7 working days.


Disclaimer regarding your Dit Da Jow

All medicines and Lotions Enso sells are traditional medicine, that original recipes date back hundreds of years. This dos not replace advice given by doctors or professionals, but advising from an Asian perspective as an additional source of treatment.

Product reviews (1)

J Kho 01-07-2020 16:46

Needed to find a genuine supply of Dit Da Jow during lockdown (had purchased a bottle elsewhere on the internet and it was suspiciously weak and smelt of alcohol). Mike was very helpful in verifying strength of the custom made solution. I can happily confirm that the Enso Special Dit Da Jow is genuine and has been helping me to heal some bruises and pulled muscles. I'll be purchasing my Dit Da Jow from Enso Martial Arts Shop going forward...thanks guys!

5 stars based on 1 reviews

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