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  • Overview
  • The White Oak Hanbo staff is an alternative to the standard red oak wood for practicing Japanese martial arts styles such as Ninjutsu, Ju Jitsu and hanbojitsu

Product details

  • White Oak Hanbo is a tough, smooth solid weapon
  • Ideal for Ninjutsu Practice
  • Also good for Ju Jitsu practitioner
  • This Japanese White Oak Hanbo will stand up to abuse
  • Staff comes in 3ft / 36 inches / 91cm


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White Oak Hanbo Description

These White Oak Hanbo are a great looking alternative to the red oak Hanbo. Used in the majority by Ninjutsu practitioners, but also on occasion by traditional Japanese Ju Jitsu practitioners too. Hanbo are an extremely versatile weapon and sit somewhere between techniques from Escrima stick fighting and Jo Staff techniques. they can be sued from striking, blocking, throwing, locking and disarms.  The techniques to practice are endless and practitioners will enjoy the options available to them. A very under utilised weapon that really should have more of a position in Japanese Martial Arts weapons.


Made from white oak hardwood, the White Oak Hanbo is extremely hard, tough and durable and withstand a huge amount of training and punishment inflicted upon them.  It will stand up to some abuse, but don’t forget it is wood. Being a natural product, wood has the capacity to break so a real beating could land you with a broken stick. Look after your staff and it will last you for years. 


Made in the standard Hanbo length of 3ft / 36 inches / 91cm. You can also buy the Jo Case to store and carry it in.


Advice from the shop on White Oak Hanbo

"If you really want to have the best possible staff, take some sandpaper to the varnish and give it a few coats of linseed oil. It’ll make a massive difference to the feel of the staff."

Doug Swift - Owner of Enso Martial Arts Shop


Dimensions of the White Oak Hanbo

Here are the dimensions of the White Oak hanbo:


- Length = 3' / 36" / 91cm

- Diameter = 1" / 2.5cm

- Weight = 480g


All Hanbo at our shop come in 3ft lengths, unless otherwise stated, if you’re not sure on what is best for you, please contact us at our shop to discuss your best choice, call (0117) 9425832 or email [email protected]

Watch our video on our Jo Staff and Hanbo Selection


Shipping your White Oak Hanbo

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4,8 stars based on 5 reviews

29 Feb 2024
Alexander M
Great service, very helpful and product were exactly what I was after!
23 Jan 2024
K Soul
Excellent service and love for martial arts
10 Jul 2023
Rob Whitehurst
Enso martial arts fantastic service
28 Mar 2023
Chris Leggett
The hanbo arrived quickly (usual brilliant Enso service). Nicely finished and well balanced. I may try lightly sanding and applying linseed - will see how it goes. Very happy - would recommend Enso Martial Arts to anyone.
09 Jul 2022
Really a nice little hanbo... I particularly like white oak these days... back in the day when I started training red oak was definitely the colour of choice but the white shows the grain better and feels more natural... This staff is nicely sized (diameter) and weighted. The PU varnish has started to degrade after a few months (I used it having just alcohol sprayed my hands and that'll do it) but that was no issue... I took the advice from Enzo and lightly sanded it down before oiling it up with boiled linseed oil - the oiled wood looks and feels absolutely fantastic.

It doubles up as a nice Jo staff for my five year old who copies me in the garden... both my boys have actually tried to lay claim to this now so I'm waiting for some more to come in stock and I'll be buying another two.

I'd give it a full 5 stars if it came oiled rather than varnished but that really is a personal preference.

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