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Chinese Red Flower Oil

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Product description

  • Red Flower Oil for muscular aches and pains
  • Great for rheumatic pains and improving bloods circulation
  • Massage into the skin
  • Only a tiny bit needed for each use
  • Helps bring out bruises


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Red Flower Oil Description


Everyone at one time or another suffers from tired, stiff muscles, whether it was a particularly heavy session of training or simply your like that all the time. Red Flower Oil or Safflower Oil can help you and as a very heating oil it works great for muscles when tired or stiff. When applied directly to the skin the lotions gets to work penetrating the skin and bringing heat and healing to tired muscles.


Made purely from natural medical materials, Red Flower Oil also works great for rheumatic pains and generally increasing blood circulation to an area. As you only need a tiny bit at a time, one bottle of Red Flower Oil can last you a long time. Massage into the affected area well and this will have a double effect with the massage and Red Flower Oil working perfectly together.


Also works great to bring out bruises and speeds up the recovery process. Always use after a training session and somewhere where people won’t mind the smell a busy space is not the place for someone with this on.


Advice from the shop on Red Flower Oil

“Very heating, so be carful to not put on too much. For extra heat in the muscles have a shower or bath before but it will feel like your skin is burning for a bit so you’ve been warned” Doug Swift, Owner of Enso Martial Arts


Ingredients of the Red Flower Oil


  • Cinnamon Leaves Oil (4%)
  • Rou Gui or Cassia Oil (5%)
  • Citronella Oil (2%)
  • Song Jie You or Turpentine Oil (22%)
  • Chili Oil (1%)
  • Xue Jie or Dragon’s Blood (0.3%)
  • Lu ti tao or Wintergreen Oil (66.7%)

Shipping your Red Flower Oil

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Disclaimer regarding your Red Flower Oil


All medicines and Lotions Enso sells are traditional medicine, that original recipes date back hundreds of years. This dos not replace advice given by doctors or professionals, but advising from an Asian perspective as an additional source of treatment.

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