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  • Overview
  • Metal Kama Weapon are traditionally associated with Okinawan Karate Styles, but it is a weapon that exists throughout Asia as being a simple farming tool

Product details

  • Mostly regarded as a Okinawan Karate weapon
  • Mainly agreed to have been developed from a sickle
  • Made from with a metal blade and wooden handle
  • Traditionally in pairs and used for cutting and trapping
  • In recent times taken up by styles like the modern XMA


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Metal Kama Weapon Description

Originating from a simple farming tool, the sickle, kama have been developed into to a martial arts weapon in their own right. Many of the Japanese Kubudo weapons were developed like this, as when villages were attacked people grabbed all they had and what they were used to using the most. Imagine taking on a farmer who has been using that kama for the last 20 years for up to 14 hours a day, his muscles, body movement will be perfectly set up for dealing powerful blows and perfect cutting techniques.  


This is how many weapons came into existence and these Metal Kama Weapon are no exception. With a metal blade, although not sharp, and a wooden handle. This metal kama weapon comes as a pair and looks the real deal and allows you to train in relative safety. The Metal Kama baldes have holes in them to help reduce the weight and gives them a very modern look.


Many styles have now taken to training with these now including the XMA practitioners who use the most flashy of moves and high energy performances. The traditional Okinawan forms look very different but emphasis is on survival and dealing strikes and disarms.  This pair of Metal Kama Weapon will serve you well and there is no reason why you’ll need to buy another pair.


Advice from the shop on your Metal Kama Weapon

“Your main trouble with these will be finding an instructor to teach you them. If you all ready have one, hold onto them tight If not you might have to get onto youtube and be prepared to do some driving to weekend seminars.”

Doug Swift – Owner of Enso Martial Arts Shop


Sizing of your of Metal Kama Weapon

Here are the dimensions of this Metal Kama Weapon:  

  • Total Length = 35cm or 14”
  • Blade Length = 7" / 17cm
  • Blade width = 1.5" / 4cm
  • Handle Length = 30cm / 12"
  • Handle width = 1" / 2.5cm
  • Weight = 450g for the pair


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