The Power of Internal Martial Arts by B.K.Frantzis

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  • Overview
  • The author throws his opponent in the air using an energy projection technique of tai chi.
    B. K. Frantzis began martial arts in 1961.


Binding Paperback
Publisher North Atlantic Books,U.S.
Country of Origin USA
Number of Pages 344
Pubilcation Date 1998
Condition New

Product details

  • Ba Gua Book
  • by B.K.Frantzis
  • Internal Martial Arts
  • Thick Book
  • Great read

The Power of Internal Martial Arts Description

This book's primary focus is on the detailed descriptions of the three main internal boxing methods (Hsing I, Ba Gua, and Tai Chi), as well as many substyles. In-depth comparisons and analyses of the different arts in regard to their methods of movement, principles and philosophies, use of force and energy, body mechanics, and some practical applications, are also described. Frantzis also includes "Personal Odyssey" sections where he recounts many of his interesting encounters with famous martial arts masters. This feature recalls Robert W. Smith's Chinese Boxing: Masters and Methods, from a previous generation of martial arts books. To make this book as accessible to beginners as possible, there are five appendices covering the different styles of tai chi (such as Yang, Chen, Wu, Tung, Hou, and Sun), a history of Ba Gua, energy anatomy of the human body, a summary of Mr. Frantzis's training and lineage, a chapter on Chinese terminology and transliteration, and an extensive glossary.


'On the Back' of The Power of Internal Martial Arts

The author throws his opponent in the air using an energy projection technique of tai chi.
B. K. Frantzis began martial arts in 1961. After advanced black-belt training in judo, karate, and aikido in Japan, he went deeper into martial arts and healing techniques full-time for ten years in China. He teaches in North America and Europe.

"B. K. Frantzis has a depth and breadth of knowledge of the nei jia (internal arts) that few Westerners possess. This volume contains information of great value for the scholar, the fighter, the meditator, the student of energy, and martial artists of all styles. As one who has 'crossed hands' with Bruce Frantzis, I can attest to the strength, subtlety, and realism of his martial abilities."
-Don Ethan Miller

Four-time national USA tai chi Push Hands champion.
Thirty-plus years experience in Asian martial arts.
"This work by B. K. Frantzis on the practical structures and essence of the internal systems is definitive. It will become a classic, and will serve as a catalyst for kindred spirits. A must for all serious students of the martial arts."
-Stan Israel
Senior student of Chen Man-ching. Holder of black belts in judo, karate, and jujitsu.
Over forty years experience in the martial arts.
"B. K. Frantzis is one of the few Westerners to comprehend the Taoist internal martial art system. For those seeking to understand energy principles in their own art, Frantzis has now opened The Way."
-Robert Nadeau
Aikido Sixth-Degree Black Belt, Director of City Aikido, San Francisco, California
* Specific similarities and differences between the internal (ba gua, tai chi, and hsing-i) and external martial arts. How do the internal arts enhance the external martial arts, such as tae kwon do, karate, gung fu, etc.?
Reflections on the three approaches to martial arts-animal, human, spiritual. What are the differences between doing martial arts for fighting, for health, and for spiritual growth?
* The nature and use of speed in martial arts. What are the four types of speed that can be applied in fighting?
* How the internal arts can help reduce stress, heal disease, and balance the emotions. What can you do to use internal power to enhance your own physical health? What is the value of internal power for older martial artists?
Fascinating personal profiles of nine of the great internal martial arts masters with whom the author studied in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China. What were these men like as teachers?
* How the all-important internal chi power is created, grown, and used in the body. What practices can you do to realistically develop your own chi energy?


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