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Tai Chi Swords & Broadswords

Kung Fu Broadswords and Tai Chi Swords for sale for your Kung Fu and Tai Chi Practice including Aluminium Tai Chi Sword and Wu Shu Broadswords. As well as Sword cases and tassels.

Wushu Tai Chi Sword
Not rated
This flexible Wushu Tai Chi Sword is double edged straight sword for Wushu, Shaolin and Kung Fu designed to be super flexible which makes a whipping sound
Black Dragon Kung Fu Broadsword
Not rated
Black Dragon Kung Fu Broadsword for those who want a rigid blade for their Chinese martial arts practice. A medium to heavyweight sword complete with a scabbard
Aluminium Tai Chi Sword
Not rated
Solid Robust Tai Chi Sword that is rigid, unsharpened and perfect for Tai Chi Practice for those wanting a bit of feedback from their weapon
Flexible Wushu Broadsword
Not rated
Flexible Wushu Broadsword is suitable for wushu and kung fu including Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu. Comes with a scabbard and made with super flexible sprung steel
Red Oak Wooden Broadsword
Not rated
Red Oak Wooden Broadsword are great for practicing Tai Chi forms and Kung Fu forms alike. Made from Red Oak, they match the standard Chinese broadsword size
Telescopic Tai Chi Sword
Not rated
Telescopic Tai Chi Sword is extendable to the length of a standard Tai Chi Sword and packs down neatly to fit into a carry case so it can fit in a small bag
Wooden Tai Chi Sword
Not rated
Having searched the world for the best Wooden Tai Chi Sword, we still think these are the best you can get for the money. Solid, reliable and trustworthy
Chinese Sword Tassel
Not rated
Add or replace a Chinese Sword Tassel for your Tai Chi Sword or Chinese Broadsword and add in a new level of training and practice
Junior Flexible Wushu Broadsword
Not rated
Junior Flexible Wushu Broadsword is suitable for children who do Wushu and Shaolin Kung Fu but also for people who don’t want a full length Chinese broadsword
Chinese Sword Case
Not rated
A Chinese Sword Case for carrying your Tai Chi Swords and Chinese Broadswords to and from Class, Compeititons and Demo’s with extra pockets and a shoulder strap