Yang Style T'ai Chi Chuan by Yang Jwing-Ming

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  • Overview
  • It is quite ironic that Tai Chi Chuan, one of the oldest pugilistic systems in China, is at once the mom Diapular as well as misunderstood Chinese martial aft that is outrentay fora it ced Tai Chi is the most pop


Binding Paperback
Publisher Unique Publications Inc
Country of Origin USA
Number of Pages 207
Pubilcation Date 1982
Condition New

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  • Tai Chi Book
  • by Yang Jwing-Ming
  • Chinese Movement
  • Meditation for health
  • Great read

Preface of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan

It is quite ironic that Tai Chi Chuan, one of the oldest pugilistic systems in China, is at once the mom Diapular as well as misunderstood Chinese martial aft that is outrentay fora it ced Tai Chi is the most pop.

War of the Chinese martial arts because large numbers of people practice it for health and relaxation; o the other hand, Tai Chi is misunderstood because few people realize its martial foundation. This som between practice for health and practice for defense began early in the 20th century because mot. people began to use it as an easy method of exercise. At the same time, fewer people were studying it as a martial art. Therefore, a book which can combine both elements, defense and health, is much needed at this time. This book, then, will attempt to bridge the gap between theory and practice so that the reader can see Tai Chi Chuan, specifically Yang's style, in its complete form. This book can thus be used by the martial Tai Chi practitioner, the beginner who is interested in starting Tai Chi as a serious disc. pline, and the person who is only interested in Tai Chi as a form of nonviolent exercise.

Besides delineating the martial and health theories behind Yang's style of Tai Chi Chuan, this book will also contain many other special features. First, Yang's traditional barehand sequence will be shown in its entirety with the correct breathing intervals. To show Yang's style of Tai Chi Chuan in its most complete form, it is extremely important to show the barehand form without eliminating any parts.

Currently, many Tai Chi instructors have devised shortened and simplified versions which are easier to learn, but which do not promote the beneficial aspects of Tai Chi because the reduced sequence does not allow enough time and movement for full exercise and relaxation. The original sequence was devised to include enough forms to facilitate proper exercise; thus, its complete form is very important. In addi-tion, by reducing the sequence, important martial techniques are eliminated. While Yang's original bare. hand sequence is relatively long, this book will provide in-depth explanations with many pictures of transient forms.
Second, in the way of martial purpose, the practical use of each Tai Chi barehand form will be shown.

The martial aspect will be further extended by showing and explaining the theory and techniques of the extremely important practice of pushing hands (Tuei Sou). The next step in achieving martial applicability will be showing and explaining the two-man Tai Chi fighting sequence. With the finish of the fighting sequence, this book will have presented the full range of all the martial barehand techniques of Yang's Tai Chi Chuan.

Third, to compliment the barehand techniques of Tai Chi, this book will present the famous and elegant Tai Chi narrow blade sword sequence. Like the other aspects of this book, the martial and health aspects of the Tai Chi sword will be explained. Although mastering the Tai Chi sword in actual combat is one of the highest achievements in Chinese martial arts, taking years to master, it is important to record this high art for future generations.

A fourth feature of this book is Yang's style of Tai Chi Chuan itself. Yang's system is one of the most popular in the world. Low postures, large forms, and practical martial techniques make Yang's style one of the most beautiful and deadly martial arts in the world.

Lastly, it would help to understand the reasons for publishing this book. With the growing interest in Tai Chi Chuan many changes have occurred in its traditional forms and ideas. While change is not necessarily negative, it is vital not to abandon aspects which have been formulated and tested through hundreds of years of experience, research, and practice. By having a book grounded in traditional prac tice, a basis is formed for further research that starts from principles which have been found to be valid over the centuries. In this way, a newcomer or a practiced veteran can avoid many confusing changes and false concepts. Hopefully, this book will help in the continued preservation, improvement, and practice of this great art.


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