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  • Overview
  • Foam covered Rebreakable Boards are a plastic board with a padded foam covering for some hand protection. Can be broken over and over and put back together

Product details

  • Solves the problems that come with Wooden Breaking Boards
  • Considerably more hand protection than conventional breaking boards
  • Four grades of difficulty for levels of practitioner
  • Avoid splinters and any cleaning up
  • Rebreakable Boards easily slide back together after a break

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Foam covered Rebreakable Boards Description

There are two issues with wooden breaking boards. First, they are hard and difficult to build up to in training as they can damage hands if you aren’t hitting properly. Second, they can be messy and leave splinters all over the Dojo or training space. Wouldn’t it be good if someone could create a product that solved both of these issues.  


Well, Rebreakable boards have been around for some time, but foam padded martial arts rebreakable boards not so long. The padding gives the user a bit of respite from then hard hitting surface. Also the ease of reconstruction means that practice and training can be done over and over without ploughing through a ton of wood. 


Enso Martial Arts sells four different grades of martial arts rebreakable boards with foam padding: 


  • Yellow Rebreakable Boards are for young children with little experience
  • Blue Rebreakable Boards are for Adult beginners and novices
  • Red Rebreakable Boards are for Adult Intermediates
  • Black Rebreakable Boards are for Advanced students

Advice from the shop on the Rebreakable Boards

“Go easy, hitting these wrong repeatedly without conditioned hands will cause injury. Just accept that getting good at breaking will take time. If you go too hard too early your hands won’t take it and it’ll only push your training backwards not forwards.”

Doug Swift – Owner Enso Martial Arts

Sizing of your Foam covered Rebreakable Boards

All of the four coloured boards measure:  


  • Height is 9 inches or 22.8 cm
  • Width is 12 inches or 30.5cm


The thickness varies depending on the colour of martial arts rebreakable board:  


  • Yellow Rebreakable Board (Child) is 0.25 inches or 0.64cm, equivalent to a 0.5 inch or 1.27 cm wooden breaking board
  • Blue Rebreakable Board (Beginner) is 0.31 inches or 0.79 cm, equivalent to a 0.75 inch or 1.9 cm wooden breaking board
  • Red Rebreakable Board (Intermediate) is 0.37 inches or 0.95 cm, equivalent to a 1 inch or 2.54 cm wooden breaking board
  • Black Rebreakable Board (Advanced) is 0.625 inches or 1.58 cm, equivalent to a 1.75 inch or 4.45 cm wooden breaking board

Shipping your Foam covered Rebreakable Boards

We have a few different options for posting your items at Enso Martial Arts Shop. Prices vary depending on the overall order, weight, size etc. The checkout page will automatically workout the possible options for you. 


We can send your item(s) in the following ways:


Royal Mail 2nd Class signed - Pretty slow service but will get there eventually. We will try and post it the same day the order comes to us, but not always possible for us. More than likely we will post the next day or day after that. Only possible for small lightweight items, as heavy items are more expensive than UPS. 


UPS Standard - Order before 12pm and we can pack and post the same day to be with you the next day. If you order after 12pm we can still pack it and have it ready but it is less likely to be collected the same day (still possible though, depends when the UPS man comes) and will arrive the day after that. 


UPS Worldwide - For anywhere outside the UK, we can post the same day but delivery times are dependent on the destination. Approximate delivery times are as follows: 

  • Europe: 2-3 working days
  • USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand: 3-4 working days
  • All other destinations: 4-7 working days. 


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