Martial Arts Rebreakable Bricks

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  • Overview
  • Martial Arts Rebreakable Bricks are a hard plastic brick shape that can be broken with a palm, fist, elbow or foot and put back together over and over again

Product details

  • Solves the problems that come with actual Bricks
  • Helps build you up to breaking actual bricks
  • Three grades of difficulty for levels of practitioner
  • Can break with hand or foot
  • Rebreakable Bricks easily slide back together after a break


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Martial Arts Rebreakable Bricks Description

Breaking Bricks with your bare hands or feet is the ultimate in martial arts breaking. Trouble is there is no real middle ground, you either try and break it or you don’t. Until your hands are fully conditioned you’ll get ‘brick burn’, which limits massively how much you can practice. These martial arts Rebreakable bricks bridge the gap, and allow you to get a real feel for what a real brick will be like. The beauty of these Rebreakbale Bricks is you can practice over and over without going through a ton of bricks and without having to clean up a load of mess. You also get to work through three grades of brick to build up to genuine hardness.  


There are many ways you can break these, using a training partner needs a lot of a care and accuracy as there isn't much space to hit or chop without hitting the fingers of your partner. You can put them in a holder, either wall mounted or on the floor. You can attempt to air break them or you can hit them on a ledge. Open palm works, as well as punching or chopping. You can also break them by kicking.  These are no tfor novice breakers, these are designed for experienced breakers and will take a bit of time to build up to and work through the colours to blue.


Breaking or destruction exists in many styles but the main ones that are known for it are Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do, Katate and Shaolin Kung Fu. All have different areas the concentrate on within the breaking world, but these rebreakable bricks would be a great addition to any demonstration or grading.


Enso Martial Arts Shop sells three different grades of martial arts rebreakable bricks:


  • Yellow Rebreakable Bricks are still tough but aimed at beginners of brick breaking
  • Blue Rebreakable Bricks are for intermediate martial artists
  • Red Rebreakable Bricks are for advanced students

Advice from the shop on your Martial Arts Rebreakable Bricks

“Go easy, hitting these wrong repeatedly without conditioned hands will cause injury. Just accept that getting good at breaking will take time. If you go too hard too early your hands won’t take it and it’ll only push your training backwards not forwards.”

Doug Swift – Owner of Enso Martial Arts


Sizing of your Martial Arts Rebreakable Bricks

All of the three coloured Bricks measure:

  • Height is 7.75 inches or 19.68 cm
  • Width is 3.375 inches or 8.57 cm
  • Depth is 2.375 inches or 6.03 cm


Shipping your Martial Arts Rebreakable Bricks

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