On Mastering Aikido by Daniel Linden

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  • Overview
  • This is the only Aikido book written specially for English speaking students. All of the nonsense has been filtered out and it tells how to master the art in clear, unambiguous terms


Binding Hardcover
Publisher Linden Tree Press
Country of Origin USA
Number of Pages 222
Pubilcation Date 2004
Condition New

Product details

  • Aikido Book
  • by by Daniel Linden
  • From Black belt to master
  • Principles that have been traditional hidden
  • Great read

On Mastering Aikido Description

This is the only Aikido book written specially for English speaking students. All of the nonsense has been filtered out and it tells how to master the art in clear, unambiguous terms
This is the new Third Edition of the classic On Mastering Aikido by Daniel Linden The dialogs have been edited and many changes have been made to reflect the times and the changing world view of one of Aikido's most iconic figures. This book is an absolute must for anyone who wishes to see the world of aikido through the eyes of an American Sensei.

On Mastering Aikido takes the reader on a journey through the world of the martial art known as Aikido and the teachings of Daniel Linden Sensei. Written for advanced students of the art – those who are already conversant with the fundamental teachings – Linden Sensei crosses the line often between teaching and entertaining with humorous, touching stories of years of training in the world’s most difficult martial way.

On Mastering Aikido consists of nine dialogs, an Introduction and Afterward. The dialogs are each devoted to one of the main principles of Aikido knowledge, what Linden Sensei refers to as the Eight Pillars of Aikido Wisdom. We discover a ninth in the Afterward, but as Linden says "It is almost impossible to attain." These dialogs are pleasant to read and clearly explain each of the principles in conversation between teacher and student and sometimes teacher to teacher. Interspersed are stories and anecdotes that bridge the gaps between times, attitudes and enlightenment.

On Mastering Aikido applies as well to the study of Aikido as it does to yoga, karate, judo, basketball, tennis, tango or any activity that uses the human body as a tool. The book’s focus is on physical mastership and the rules which Linden Sensei lays down can be applied to any human endeavor. It was written to be read as a continuous effort, but each chapter can stand alone or it can be selected for specific interest. The overall effect is almost that of a novel as the reader is swept up in Shoshin Aikido Dojo while students are engaged in training, relaxing and work around the school. European journeys become travelogues as the dialog unfolds. The book is engaging, enjoyable, enlightening and humorous. In an age when most Martial Art books read like math textbooks, it is a rare find.

Mr. Linden offers more insights and a renewed and refreshed viewpoint.


'On the inside' of On Mastering Aikido

This book is a new idea in Martial Art training, something that has been needed for many years. Aikido is a martial art that is finally ready to assume its place in the Western world with Western Masters teaching it to Western students.

With the growth of the art there is finally a text that spells out the principles that have traditionally been hidden in the mysteries of Zen and the spiritual traditions of Japan and China.

Aikido is a difficult art to learn. Very few get beyond third dan (sandan) level due to the rigors of training and the difficulty in learning the essential principles.

Sensei Linden has applied project management skills to the definitions and techniques needed to master these principles and make the less daunting the advanced student. He has used the basic form of the dialog to render these definition easy to understand.

The Aikido world is about to change. You can quote him on that.


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