QiGong Metal Massage Brush XL

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  • Overview
  • Handmade in the UK for an ultimate QiGong conditioning tool, this QiGong Metal Massage Brush XL has been made to precise specifications for super heavyweight practice


Material Stainless Steel
Number of Bristles 108
Weight 3.1kg
Length 48cm
Diameter 4cm
Bristle Diameter 3.1mm
Handle Length 10cm
Country Made Great Britain

Product details

  • The Qigong Metal Massage Brush XL is handmade in UK
  • Use for super hard QiGong and conditioning
  • Unblocks the acupuncture channels or meridians
  • Helps harden the body
  • As part of a Hard QiGong or a body conditioning program

QiGong Metal Massage Brush XL Description

This Chinese iron shirt or QiGong Metal Massage Brush XL is the heaviest you will find anywher eint he world. It's the ultimate tool for body conditioning and practicing hard QiGong. We weren't able to source them in China like we do a lot of our products so we went all out and had them handmade in the UK. A very talented friend of mine is a 20 year long Kung Fu practitioner and also happens to be a blacksmith making Chinese training weapons. He's trained in China many times and in different styles of martial arts but Shaolin for the last 20. He was the perfect person to ask to make these and has done an unbelievable job.


The brief was to make the Heaviest Qigong Metal Massage Brush, mainly because the Heavy Metal Massage Brush, we also sell (which is already very heavy) wasn't enough for some extreme Kung Fu people so we thought we'd go all out and get this made. It weighs an epic 3.1kg and, as far as we are concerned is by far the heaviest in the world. It has a thicker diameter to the Bamboo massage brush we sell but is solid stainlesssteel. Just moving this thing is a challenge so during a conditioning session you will also work your grip strength and forearm strength as we as the body conditioning.  A good strike with this will help spread the bristles, massage the muscles, move the qi and work the body, as well as helping develop your hard QiGong. This was created with Hard QiGong in mind, body conditioning and those wanting to toughen their body, if you had a more health approach in mind, we do do a smaller size brush too which will help these aspects more.  The quality of build makes this a training tool that will last a lifetime and never need to be replaced, unlike the bamboo ones that do wear out over time. It is a serious training tool for those serious about body conditioning.


Used by the Shaolin Monks for body conditioning, it can also help reduce tension in the muscles and build up conditioning to impact and strikes. Not just people training Kung Fu can use these but anyone can benefit from the Metal Massage Brush.


These metal Massage brushes have been handmade for Enso Martial Arts Shop by Bert Wallis of Fairfield Forge in Bath. He makes Chinese Martial Arts Weapons and training equipment as well as having trained in Chinese Kung Fu for the last 20 years. If you are interested in having a specific weapon commissioned, please contact Bert at [email protected]


Advice from the shop on your QiGong Metal Massage Brush XL

“The ultimate in body conditioning, this Qigong metal massage brush is no joke. It's crazy heavy and packs a punch.“

Doug Swift – Owner of Enso Martial Arts Shop

Dimensions of the QiGong Metal Massage Brush XL

Here are the dimensions of the QiGong Metal Massage Brush XL:

- Total Length = 48cm

- Handle Length = 10cm

- Diameter = 4cm

- Number of bristles = 108

- Sticks diameter =3.1mm

- Weight = 3100g / 3.1kg


If you're not sure what's best for you or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us either on (0117) 9425832 or email us on [email protected]


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5 stars based on 3 reviews

21 Mar 2024
I was asked within a couple of days of delivery if I could make some thoughts however I had to insist on a true test drive.

An absolute solid piece of equipment that now sits deservingly out in view as opposed to other training equipment you just park in cupboard.

I purchased this item after some time of deliberation and much doubt, ive always trained against giant oak trees for body conditioning so I doubted any brush much less this one would do the job however after I arrived immediately after a weekend I was pleased by the fact it was perfectly and safely packed in a manner that said we respect that you're spending £187 with us but that we ourselves respect the tools of our trade, thick bubble wrap made for a nice opening that didn't scratch the brush and on first inspection I noticed how the bristles didn't spread at all so be gentle on your first few days as this is simply the nature of metals and the item itself but it will very slightly open with use overtime to dissipate the blows however they will still lend a stinging hit even with light use so i caution this use against anyone but the most serious users of this practice but once adaptation occurs your legs will feel solid as a rock.

Be safe and always warm up before use and give yourself plenty of room so you don't catch the bristles and risk bending them.

Otherwise it's fabulous to see a business lending such a good name to forge made products because after you claimed the forge leader had trained at shoalin for two decades I thought big talk but now I see the quality and I'm truly impressed so as my training increases I'm seriously considering a custom request of the world's first bronze XL brush for some true next level conditioning.

Great service, great delivery, great people and most definitely great products means I'll be back to do business with you guys happily in the future.
13 Jul 2022
Shoaib Rasul
It is very good quality. I am very happy with my purchase. Delivery was fast. It was delivered next day. Thank you so much
13 Jul 2022
Shoaib Rasul
Very good product. It is very good quality. It was delivered next day. I am so happy with my purchase and customer service.

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