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Nine Section Chain Whip

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Product description

  • Made up of nine sections plus two end pieces
  • Used in modern Wushu and Shaolin Kung Fu
  • Used for striking and slashing but also locking and tying
  • Made completely from steel with a material grip wrap
  • An extremely difficult weapon to learn


Nine Section Chain Whip Description

The nine section chain whip is one of those weapons that looks amazing but it’s hard to imagine how people would fight with them. Even so, the modern Wushu Kung Fu practitioners these days do some amazing feats as do the Shaolin Temple Monks. This is not an easy weapon to learn so take it easy at the beginning.  


The Nine section Chain whip called that because it has nine section held together at each joint by three rings, one end has a piercer and the other the grip. The grip has a material wrapping for extra grip. Everything else is made from steel.  


Enso Martial Arts sells these in a lightweight and heavyweight versions. Both have their own benefits, but in short light for fast and heavy for control. People do tie a lightweight cloth on the pointy end which makes a whistling sound to kept an idea of where it is. Have some fun with these.


Advice from the shop on your Nine Section Chain Whip

“Speaking from personal experience, these hurt when you mess up, get lot sof space around you and start of easy. Find a good instructor to teach you and practice, practice, practice. Try spinning it under you while bouncing on your bum, great fun.”

Doug Swift – Owner of Enso Martial Arts Shop


Sizing of your of Nine Section Chain Whip

The dimensions of the chain whip vary dependent on the size of Nine Section Chain Whip you buy:  

Lightweight Nine Section Chain Whip

  • Light Weight 250g
  • Total Length: 48.5” or 123cm
  • Link Length: 3 3/8” or 8.5cm
  • Handle Length: 4 1/2” or 11.4cm
  • Weight length: 2 3/4” or 7cm

Mediumweight Nine Section Chain Whip

  • Weight 433g
  • Total Length: 55” or 131.5cm
  • Link Length: 3 1/2” or 9cm
  • Handle Length: 4 3/4” or 12cm
  • Weight length: 3.34” or 8.5cm

Heavyweight Nine Section Chain Whip

  • Weight 750g
  • Total Length: 55” or 140cm
  • Link Length: 3 1/2” or 9cm
  • Handle Length: 4 3/4” or 12cm
  • Weight length: 4 7/8” or 10cm


If you have any questions about the Nine Section Chain Whip you want to buy feel free to contact us at our shop to discuss it, call (0117) 9425832 or email [email protected]


Shipping your Nine Section Chain Whip

We have a few different options for posting your items at Enso Martial Arts Shop. Prices vary depending on the overall order, weight, size etc. The checkout page will automatically workout the possible options for you. 


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Royal Mail 2nd Class signed - Pretty slow service but will get there eventually. We will try and post it the same day the order comes to us, but not always possible for us. More than likely we will post the next day or day after that. Only possible for small lightweight items, as heavy items are more expensive than UPS. 


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  • All other destinations: 4-7 working days.

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