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  • Overview
  • A classic Shaolin kung fu weapon, used by the Shaolin Buddhist monks when out travelling as way to bury people but also defend against bandits and wild animals

Product details

  • Carried by travelling monks and has two purposes
  • A large spade head on one end and a crescent moon on the other
  • Used by twirling and spinning, keeping up momentum
  • Mostly associated with the Shaolin Temple Buddhist Monks
  • A heavy long weapon that builds strength


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Shaolin Monk Spade Description

A weapon that is mostly associated with the Shaolin Temple Monks in Henan Province China. This Shaolin Monks Spade was used by travelling Buddhist monks and performed two purposes. If they came across a corpse they could bury it properly with full Buddhist rites and if they needed to defend themselves against wild animals or bandits they could two.  This is of course historical as the Shaolin Monk Spade you'll buy from us is more design for Kung Fu and not for digging.


Neither end of the Monks spade is sharp, thus adhering to Buddhist principles of no killing. The spade end, while good for digging could also be used for thrusting and jabbing. While the other end, is in the shape of a crescent moon. This shape helped hold the necks of an attacking animal and keep it at bay.  Known for being a heavy weapon, it is very good for training and building strength. It balances quite well and most of the moves you’ll learn involve keeping the momentum going and continuing movement. There’s lots of twirling and spinning.


The Shaolin Monk Spade head is made from metal and is hollow to help reduce weight. This means it is usable as a kung fu weapon otherwise it would be way to heavy to move. The shaft is made from wood and painted maroon as a lot of Kung Fu Long  weapons. The crescent moon is again hollow to help keep weight down and made from metal.


Advice from the shop on your Shaolin Monk spade

“When in a case it looks a bit like an acme barbell from the cartoons, expect some comments if you’re out carrying it. If you’re taking it by car, make sure it fits in first before you buy it."

Doug Swift – Owner of Enso Martial Arts Shop


Sizing of your of Shaolin Monk spade

Here are the dimensions of this Shaolin Monk Spade:  

- Total Length = 189cm

- Total Weight = 1.1kg

- Spade Length = 25cm

- Crescent Moon Width = 24cm

- Spade Width = 24cm


If you have any questions about the Shaolin Monk spade you want to buy feel free to contact us at our shop to discuss it, call (0117) 9425832 or email [email protected]


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