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Three Section Rubber Foam Staff

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Product description

  • Used by Chinese and Japanese Martial arts
  • Transition from a Bo Staff before you start with this.
  • Made from Rubber foam with a plastic core
  • Lightweight and packs down small
  • Unlimited techniques to be learnt


Three Section Rubber Foam Staff Description

This Three Section Rubber Foam Staff has similar dimensions to the Standard Three Section staff but with the rubber foam padding, allows you to practice in safety. It gives you the confidence to try out new tricks and techniques without the risk of lumps and bruises.  


A really fun weapon that has almost unlimited techniques to learn and when you get onto partner work it will open up and even bigger range of possibilities. Most people think that it is an easy transition from Nunchkau but actually you’ll find once you have practiced with Bo staff for some time this will be a much easier route onto this weapon. Take it easy, even with this as a good whack can still have your head spinning. 


Having the rubber padding also make partner work much safer whetehr it’s against another Three Section Rubber Foam Staff, unarmed or any toher weapon. It will protect both of you. Happy training.


Advice from the shop on your Three Section Rubber Foam Staff

“Like it says above, it still hurts when you clonk yourself on the back of the head or between the eyes. Take it easy and you should be fine. It’s all part of the learning process. Try and get onto a wooden three section staff quickly though as they do move differently.”

Doug Swift - Owner of Enso Martial Arts Shop


Sizing of your of Three Section Rubber Foam Staff

Here are the dimensions of this Three section Staff:  


  • Each section of staff = 24 inches or 61 cm
  • Diameter of length = 1.2 inches or 3 cm
  • Total Length = 214cm


If you have any questions about the Three Section Rubber Foam Staff you want to buy feel free to contact us at our shop to discuss it, call (0117) 9425832 or email [email protected]


Shipping your Three Section Rubber Foam Staff

We have a few different options for posting your items at Enso Martial Arts Shop. Prices vary depending on the overall order, weight, size etc. The checkout page will automatically workout the possible options for you. 


We can send your item(s) in the following ways:


Royal Mail 2nd Class signed - Pretty slow service but will get there eventually. We will try and post it the same day the order comes to us, but not always possible for us. More than likely we will post the next day or day after that. Only possible for small lightweight items, as heavy items are more expensive than UPS. 


UPS Standard - Order before 12pm and we can pack and post the same day to be with you the next day. If you order after 12pm we can still pack it and have it ready but it is less likely to be collected the same day (still possible though, depends when the UPS man comes) and will arrive the day after that. 


UPS Worldwide - For anywhere outside the UK, we can post the same day but delivery times are dependent on the destination. Approximate delivery times are as follows: 


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