Qigong Chinese Medicine or Pseudoscience? by Lin Zixin and Co.

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  • Overview
  • Qigong is a part of the cultural heritage of the Chinese nation. It can be practiced without the aid of drugs anywhere one likes, and, when mastered,


Binding Hardcover
Publisher Prometheus Books
Country of Origin USA
Number of Pages 155
Pubilcation Date 1998
Condition New

Product details

  • Qigong Book
  • by Lin Zixin, Yu Li and Guo Zhengyi
  • and Shen Zhenyu, Zhang Honglin and Zhang Tongling
  • Is it a legitimate medicine
  • Great read

Qigong Chinese Medicine Description

Qigong (CHEE-GUNG) has swept America as the newest approach to healing and was on the rise in China until the recent Falun gong crackdowns. This 2,500-year-old form of traditional Chinese medicine claims that the human body has channels (meridians) through which flows a substance known as Qi. While internal Qigong is essentially a relaxation and meditation technique, external Qigong is an alleged form of energy radiation emitted from the fingertips of "masters." Practitioners of this form of Qigong claim that they can heal serious diseases such as hypertension, glaucoma, asthma, ulcers, and even cancer.

This remarkable book, written by a group of Chinese scientists, discusses the nature and practice of Qigong and its various manifestations. They give special attention to the many pseudoscientific claims made for external Qigong and uncover a good deal of deception practiced by charlatans in the name of medicine. Exposed are such alleged Qigong practices as: clairvoyance, telepathy, weightlessness, energy discharge, energy-impregnated language (Qigong prescriptions), and much more.


'On the Back' of Qigong Chinese Medicine

"Qigong is a part of the cultural heritage of the Chinese nation. It can be practiced without the aid of drugs anywhere one likes, and, when mastered, will serve to balance one's vitality, supplement one's energy, stamp out discase, and promote one's health... In recent years, plenty of charlatans emerged throughout China. They created a lot of publicity for themselves, pretending to be Qigong masters by resorting to all sorts of conjuring tricks, cheating, and pseudoscience. It not only created considerable confusion in China, but also perplexed the outside world. For this reason ... experts in this field ... attempt to promote some thoroughgoing reform.

"China has an old saying that 'domestic shame should not be made public. But we believe we should maintain a respectful attitude toward science, truth, and facts, rather than hide the facts. In compiling this book we aim not to deny our culture, but to allow the people of the world to have a bona fide comprehension of what Qigong is, to better enable them to distinguish the true from the false, and to join together with them in a scientific attitude to illuminate this treasure of scientific culture that belongs to all humankind.


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