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A massive selection of Martial Arts Weapons from Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Filipino Martial Arts. For Self defence, Demonstration, forms, sparring practice and competition

We carry Bokken, Bo Staffs, Nunchaku, Escrima, Katana, Broadswords and more

White Wax Wood Kung Fu staff
Not rated
White Wax wood kung fu staff are naturally shaped, lightweight and flexible. Used by the Shaolin Monks for Shaolin Temple Kung Fu and Wushu practitioners alike.
Chrome Telescopic Nunchaku
Not rated
These metal Chrome Telescopic Nunchaku pack down to a third of their extended length. Made from metal and chromed, they're great fun and look great with a case
Japanese Red Oak Bo Staff
Not rated
The Japanese Red Oak Bo Staff are used by so many of the Japanese martial arts, they’re solid, thick, very strong and the same thickness throughout it's length
Nine Section Chain Whip
Not rated
Said to be one of the hardest Chinese weapons to master, the Nine Section Chain Whip used by Shaolin Kung fu and Wushu has amazing looking fast spinning forms
Japanese White Oak Bo Staff
Not rated
The Japanese White Oak Bo Staff is a great looking alternative to the Red Oak Bo Staff. They’re solid, durable and have the same thickness throughout its length
Rattan Escrima Stick
Not rated
Rattan Escrima Sticks are traditionally used by the Filipino martial arts of Arnis, Kali and Escrima stick fighting, but are also great for many martial arts
Kung Fu Spear
Not rated
The white wax wood Kung Fu Spear is the standard for most Chinese Martial Arts styles including Shaolin, Wushu, Wing Chun and more. Flexible and light makes for great training. Spears are approximately 6.8ft / 2.1m in total length
Red Oak Wooden Broadsword
Not rated
Red Oak Wooden Broadsword are great for practicing Tai Chi forms and Kung Fu forms alike. Made from Red Oak, they match the standard Chinese broadsword size
Yellow Wooden Nunchaku with Bruce Lee
Not rated
These Yellow Bruce Lee Nunchaku are based on the Nunchaku used in the Game of Death Film but with Chain and ball bearing rather than rope
Unbreakable Escrima Stick
Not rated
Unbreakable Escrima Stick from Coldsteel are virtually indestructible and 82 cm in length. Good for styles taught by instructors such as Guru Dan Inosanto
8 inch Nunchaku
Not rated
A great addition to your Nunchaku collection, the black Nunchaku 8 inch give a completely different feel from the common 12" varieties and are lightweight
Red Oak Jo Staff
Not rated
The Red Oak Jo Staff is the standard when it comes to practicing Aikido and other Japanese styles such as Ninjutsu and Ju Jitsu. Made from Red Oak wood
Kung Fu Pu Dao
Not rated
The Kung Fu Pu dao is one of the classic Chinese Kung Fu Long weapons. With a flexible sprung steel blade and a metal loop on the other end of the wood staff
Kung Fu Guan Dao
Not rated
The Kung Fu Guan Dao invention was by General Guan Yu in 3rd century, a long weapon with a big blade and fantastic forms to learn in many Chinese Martial Arts
Chinese Tiger Fork
Not rated
The Chinese Tiger Fork is supposedly a weapon to hunt big cats in Southern China. Today is it a weapon for Southern styles like Hung Gar and Lau Gar Kung Fu
Flexible Wushu Broadsword
Not rated
Flexible Wushu Broadsword is suitable for wushu and kung fu including Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu. Comes with a scabbard and made with super flexible sprung steel
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