Shaolin Leather Bull Whip

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  • Overview
  • This 2.4m Shaolin Leather Whip is one of the more dramatic Shaolin Weapons and one of the rarer. Made from Leather wrapping with a wooden handle for Kung Fu

Product details

  • One of the farming tools converted to a weapon
  • Comes with a wooden handle
  • Makes an amazing loud cracking sound
  • Mostly associated with the Shaolin Temple Buddhist Monks
  • One of the Shaolin Long Weapons


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Shaolin Leather Bull Whip Description

Travelling around China you’ll see people in parks training with these, for Wu Shu practice they are quite common but they have been made famous by the Shaolin Monks in the Shaolin Temple in Henan Province China. It is one of the Shaolin’s Long Weapons and perfect for packing down small and carrying around with you when travelling.  Parks and open spaces are perfect for training with the Shaolin Leather Bull Whip, they're aren't the most sociable of weapons as they are loud and need lots and lots of space.


Also known as the Shepherd’s Whip or muyang bian in Chinese, the Shaolin Leather Bull Whip is first noted in history during the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368) when Kublai Khan prohibited martial arts practice. Training with the Shaolin Leather Bull whip develops arm and shoulder strength and teaches how to expand the chest and cultivate qi the Shaolin way.  It's easy to understand how this weapon came from farming and still today you can see sheep and goat farmers using whips to heard their animals in and around the Shaolin area.


The Shaolin Leather Bull Whip has four main sections. A solid wooden handle with artificial horse hair in the joint, sized and shaped perfectly for maintaining a good grip. The second section is high grade Leather weaved into a cross hatch for strength and durability. The third is a smaller diameter leather cross weave designed for speed in movement and the end is a twisted rope to make the whip effect and perfecting cracking sound.


Advice from the shop on your Shaolin Leather Bull Whip

“Watch out for your face when you first start with this, the whip back is brutal so make sure you have good guidance from an instructor when you start with this weapon.”

Doug Swift – Owner of Enso Martial Arts Shop


Sizing of your of Shaolin Leather Bull Whip

Here are the dimensions of this Shaolin Leather Whip:  

  • Total Length = 216 cm or 85'
  • Handle Length= 15 cm or 6"
  • Second section = 99cm or 39' 
  • Thrid Section = 18" / 46cm
  • End section = 18" / 46cm

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