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  • Overview
  • The Kung Fu Double Axes are a modern take on the original Chinese battle axes, much lighter so perfect for Wushu training and competition also used for Shaolin

Product details

  • A classic in Shaolin Kung Fu, and also Southern Kung Fu Styles
  • Comes with a wooden handle
  • End of shaft has metal end cap
  • Always come in a pair for forms and drills
  • One of the Shaolin Short Weapons


Watch our video on the Kung Fu Double Axes

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Kung Fu Double Axes Description

These Kung Fu Double Axes aren’t a particularly common site these days even in demonstrations and competition but it probably isn’t considered one of the rarer weapons in Chinese Martial Arts. Originally they probably would have been very heavy and nowadays made much lighter for Chinese Wushu practice. Axes exist throughout martial arts, and have most likely evolved from simple farming tools, like so many Martial art weapons. However, these Kung Fu Double Axes are a much more stylised version of axes and are only suitable for solo kung fu practice and training.


The Kung Fu Double Axes are made from plated steel, which are designed to give the feel of a short axe. They are usually seen in two different design types, one where the head of the axe is one piece of cut sheet metal and these ones that is a crafted axe head, which tapers to the back. The head is still hollow to help reduce weight but has a much more axe like feel. The shaft is wooden and is painted maroon like a lot of Chinese Kung Fu weapons. At the end of the shaft is a metal end cap which helps keep the wood from splintering but would also be used for striking with.  


On the top of the axe head is a spike, this is similar to a spear head in design, tapered and beveled, but hollow to keep the weight down. The whole axe screws together which is super useful if you are traveling with the axes as you can packed them down smaller and it holds together very well when training. Each axe is about 41 inches long or 104cm long. They are always sold in pairs.


Advice from the shop on your Kung Fu Double Axes

“These are for Wushu so don’t expect some solid lump of a weapon. They’ re pretty light, which is perfect for Wushu but don’t expect to be hitting anything with them.”

Doug Swift – Owner of Enso Martial Arts Shop


Dimensions of the Kung Fu Double Axes

Here are the dimensions of the Kung Fu Double Axes:

- Total Length = 31" / 79cm

- Top Spike = 5.5" / 14cm

- Axe Head Width = 24cm / 9.5cm

- Axe Head Depth  = 10" / 25cm

- Axe Head Thickness = 4cm / 1.5"

- Length of shaft = 21.5" / 55cm

- Length of Butt = 6cm / 2.5"

- Weight = 1.25kg each axe


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