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  • Overview
  • Rattan Walking Stick exist in martial arts all over the world including China, Korea and France to name a few. For striking, joint locking, hooking and sweeping

Product details

  • Carried by travelling monks and has two purposes
  • A large spade head on one end and a crescent moon on the other
  • Used by twirling and spinning, keeping up momentum
  • Mostly associated with the Shaolin Temple Buddhist Monks
  • A heavy long weapon that builds strength


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Rattan Walking Stick Description

This rattan walking stick is perfect example of an everyday item being developed into a martial arts weapon. Many countries in Asia, but all over the world have banned carrying weapons throughout their history. If times were particularly dodgy, and require the regular need to defend yourself, something like this rattan walking stick would be useful if you knew how to fight with it. Many Chinese Martial Arts use these but also Tang Soo Do from Korea, Japanese Kobudo styles, Le Canne from France is solely based around the use of a Cane for fighting and defending yourself.


Techniques are hugely varied, but you’d mainly use it for striking, joint locking and hooking your opponent. Techniques from styles like Escrima, Ju Jitsu can be utilised, but due to the uniqueness of the Rattan Walking Stick some techniques are unique to the cane. Holding the Rattan Walking Stick can vary too depending on what you want to practice, either holding the curved end or the other, or even both hands can produce a wealth of different techniques and defences.


Made from a single piece of Rattan which has been heated treated on one end to bend it into shape. The Rattan Walking Stick is tough and durable, flexible and lightweight.  We wouldn't however, recommend these for actual walking stick, only for martial arts practice.


Advice from the shop on your Rattan Walking Stick

“Just because people walk around with walking sticks, if you hit someone with it it’s still an offensive weapon. If they find out you also practice this in you martial rtas class, double trouble. Be sensible.”

Doug Swift – Owner of Enso Martial Arts Shop


Sizing of your of Rattan Walking Stick

Here are the dimensions of this Rattan Walking Stick:  

  • Total Length = 34.5 inches or 88 cm
  • Total Weight = 0.7 ibs or 0.22 kg 

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20 Jan 2024
lesley webberl
Exactly what I wanted. Excellent product

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