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Bokken & Shinai

A wide selection of Bokken and Shinai for Japanese styles including Kendo, Kenjitsu, Aikido and Iaido including Red Oak and White Oak Bokken and the Unbreakable Cold Steel Bokken.

If you live near the shop come in and go through our selection to find a Bokken that suits you perfectly

Red Oak Bokken
Not rated
Whether you practice Kenjitsu, Aikido, Ju Jitsu, Ninjutsu or another Japanese martial arts you’ll love these Red Oak Bokken for sword practice and training
Cold steel Unbreakable Bokken
Not rated
What would be the ultimate Bokken? One that cannot break, matches a katana in weight, size and feel. The Coldsteel Unbreakable Bokken is the perfect Bokken
Plastic Saya for Bokken
Not rated
These Plastic Saya for Bokken fit all our standard wooden bokken at Enso Martial Arts Shop in Bristol. This allows you to practice drawing sword techniques.
Suburi Bokken
Not rated
Suburi Bokken Sword are designed for solo practice to build up the strength you need to developed for Kenjitsu, Kendo, Aikido and other Japanese Sword styles
Foam Bokken
Not rated
With these foam bokken swords you can practice sparring and fast drills with a lot less worry about serious bruises. Great fun, good training & good practice
White Oak Bokken
Not rated
The White Oak Bokken is a lovely looking weapon that is perfectly suited for Aikido, Ju Jitsu, Ninjutsu, Kendo and Kenjitsu. A great alternative to red oak
Black Oak Bokken
Not rated
The Black Oak Bokken is a wooden bokken made from oak. Suitable for Japanese martial arts styles such as Ninjutsu for sparring and sword practice training
Bamboo Shinai
Not rated
Bamboo Shinai Sword are usually used for Kendo practice, but many martial arts use them as a tough weapon for practicing defence against sword attacks
Child Red Oak Bokken
Not rated
Perfect for kids wanting to practice Kenjitsu, Aikido, Ju Jitsu, Ninjutsu or another Japanese martial arts not able to use the standard length Red Oak Bokken