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These are all the product that we source directly from manufacturers, mainly in China. Most of these pieces of martial arts equipment are quite hard to get these days and we work hard to get them to you. 

Chinese Rope Dart
Not rated
Chinese Rope Dart is one of the longest weapons but also very easy to conceal. It’s sharp point is used for piercing objects and the rope can retrieve it.
Japanese Red Oak Bo Staff
Not rated
The Japanese Red Oak Bo Staff are used by so many of the Japanese martial arts, they’re solid, thick, very strong and the same thickness throughout it's length
Straw Rope Makiwara
Not rated
Straw Rope Makiwara offers the most traditional type of training for karate practitioners. This in not for the faint hearted, but amazing for hand conditioning
White Wax Wood Kung Fu staff
Not rated
White Wax wood kung fu staff are naturally shaped, lightweight and flexible. Used by the Shaolin Monks for Shaolin Temple Kung Fu and Wushu practitioners alike.
Black Kubotan Keyring
Not rated
Black Kubotan Keyring is a ideal little pocket self defence weapon for joint locking and striking which doubles up a very useful keyring for you keys
Traditional Shaolin Monk Shoes
Not rated
Wear one of the most traditional Chinese training shoes while practicing your Tai Chi or Qi Gong? These are the most traditional Shaolin Monk Shoes worn in the Shaolin Temple and all over China.
Tai Chi Cotton Sole Shoes
Not rated
Tai Chi cotton sole shoes are made entirely from natural fibres. Lightweight with a flat sole allowing you to feel the floor while staying comfortable
Japanese White Oak Bo Staff
Not rated
The Japanese White Oak Bo Staff is a great looking alternative to the Red Oak Bo Staff. They’re solid, durable and have the same thickness throughout its length
Eagle Catcher
Not rated
The Eagle Catcher Grip strength trainer is a great way to build up forearm strength, grip strength and finger strength, to improve your martial arts
Leg Stretching Machine
Not rated
This Leg Stretching Machine is the ultimate in flexibility, the best way to increase your box splits and side splits, you can also work on you front splits too
Red Oak Bokken
Not rated
Whether you practice Kenjitsu, Aikido, Ju Jitsu, Ninjutsu or another Japanese martial arts you’ll love these Red Oak Bokken for sword practice and training
Kung Fu Iron Rings
Not rated
Kung Fu Iron Rings have the air of super traditional Chinese Martial Arts. They originated in the Shaolin Temple and are used in Hung Kuen or Hung Gar Kung Fu
Wooden Hexagonal Nunchaku
Not rated
These Hexagonal Wooden Nunchaku are as traditional as it gets, the rope cord gives you great control, precise movement and a quiet, smooth swinging motion.
Kung Fu Trousers
Not rated
Kung Fu Trousers are made from 100% cotton in Black with cuffed ankles. They are very comfortable and give you all the freedom of movement you’ll need.
Kung Fu Guan Dao
Not rated
The Kung Fu Guan Dao invention was by General Guan Yu in 3rd century, a long weapon with a big blade and fantastic forms to learn in many Chinese Martial Arts
Dragon and Tiger Balm
Not rated
Dragon and Tiger Balm comes in a small tin so you can conveniently always have it on you and use whenever you like, perfect addition to your training kit bag
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