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Other Chinese Weapons

A wide range of Chinese Martial Arts weapons that don't fit into our other categories including Guan Dao, Spear, Tai Chi Fan, Pudao and Rope Dart

From Long Weapons to Short Weapon, Close range and long range.

Chinese Rope Dart
Not rated
Chinese Rope Dart is one of the longest weapons but also very easy to conceal. It’s sharp point is used for piercing objects and the rope can retrieve it.
Kung Fu Guan Dao
Not rated
The Kung Fu Guan Dao invention was by General Guan Yu in 3rd century, a long weapon with a big blade and fantastic forms to learn in many Chinese Martial Arts
Nine Section Chain Whip
Not rated
Said to be one of the hardest Chinese weapons to master, the Nine Section Chain Whip used by Shaolin Kung fu and Wushu has amazing looking fast spinning forms
Kung Fu Pu Dao
Not rated
The Kung Fu Pu dao is one of the classic Chinese Kung Fu Long weapons. With a flexible sprung steel blade and a metal loop on the other end of the wood staff
Kung Fu Spear
Not rated
The white wax wood Kung Fu Spear is the standard for most Chinese Martial Arts styles including Shaolin, Wushu, Wing Chun and more. Flexible and light makes for great training. Spears are approximately 6.8ft / 2.1m in total length
Rattan Walking Stick
Not rated
Rattan Walking Stick exist in martial arts all over the world including China, Korea and France to name a few. For striking, joint locking, hooking and sweeping
Tiger Hook Swords
Not rated
Tiger Hook Swords probably have quite a short history in Chinese martial arts but are an amazing weapon to practice with and the kung fu forms look great
Wing Chun Butterfly Swords
Not rated
Wing Chun Butterfly Knives are not just for Wing Chun but also for Hung Gar, Choy Li Fut and Shaolin Temple Kung Fu. Most commonly used in pairs.
Shaolin Hard Whip
Not rated
Wushu Hard Whip is a really heavy weapon used in Chinese Martial Artist. It's a great weapon on it’s own and also great training tool for people learning sword
Chinese Meteor Hammer
Not rated
Chinese Meteor Hammer is one of the longest weapons in Kung Fu for Chinese Martial Arts and very easy to hide. A long rope with two hammers used for bludgeoning
Shaolin Three Section Staff
Not rated
The Three section Staff is a really versatile weapon, which can be used for fighting at Long range, mid-range and short range in Kung Fu, Shaolin and Wushu
Chinese Tiger Fork
Not rated
The Chinese Tiger Fork is supposedly a weapon to hunt big cats in Southern China. Today is it a weapon for Southern styles like Hung Gar and Lau Gar Kung Fu
Kung Fu Spear Head
Not rated
Wushu Spear Head can be attached to any stick or staff to make a spear for kung fu, but are specifically designed with a White wax wood kung fu staff in mind
Shaolin Monk Spade
Not rated
A classic Shaolin kung fu weapon, used by the Shaolin Buddhist monks when out travelling as way to bury people but also defend against bandits and wild animals
Deer Horn Knives
Not rated
Deer Horn Knives have long been associated with Bagua Zhang, an internal Chinese Martial Arts. A small weapon used in pairs for hooking, jabbing and striking
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